O.U.R. and The Fight Against Child Sacrifice

Over the past few years, O.U.R. has helped with cases concerning a shocking and long-standing practice that consistently occurs in some parts of Africa as well as a few other regions around the globe: —child sacrifice. 

How O.U.R. Went Undercover In One Of The Largest Anti-Trafficking Operations In Dominican Republic History

Responding to a request for assistance from the Dominican government’s Specialized Anti-Trafficking Police (PETT), O.U.R. Operators went undercover to confirm the existence of multiple transnational trafficking rings. These networks were reportedly dedicated to recruiting young women, between 15-23 years of age, to be sexually exploited for financial gain.

How the O.U.R. Operations Team Grew From One Man To A Worldwide Anti-Human Trafficking Unit

The darkness of human trafficking is widespread across the globe, requiring the collaboration of law enforcement and anti-trafficking organizations to come together to combat the issue.