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Operation Wonky

OUR Rescue
Posted by OUR Rescue
Published on May 20, 2024
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Operation Wonky

A bar owner was reportedly offering free accommodations, water, and electricity to attract new employees. After placing himself in a position of increased power, he reportedly encouraged six vulnerable hires to engage in sex work. Of these females, five were minors.  

The vigilant OUR Rescue team in Asia used information gathered from open-source intelligence to initially determine that numerous minors were most likely working at the bar. Knowing they could be at risk for sexual exploitation, the Anti-Trafficking in Person’s Division (ATPD) of Thailand’s Royal Police worked with the OUR Operations team to visit the bar and investigate.  

While at the bar, operators noticed exploitative behaviors, including condoms being sold. They also gathered information on the employees. OUR findings were then presented to ATPD officers who used their intelligence resources to confirm that many of the employees were in fact minors.  

After 27 days of work on this one case, the ATPD performed a rescue operation with the support of OUR Rescue. On an April night, authorities intervened at the bar and a short-term hotel where clients and employees would go together. All six of the females that were suspected of being exploited were found.  

The bar owner and a woman were arrested, and legal proceedings are now ongoing. All survivors, including two sisters, are now safe at a government shelter. With specialized support services being offered, they are now on a path to healing.