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More Than a Dog: Rosco’s Impact

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Published on April 9, 2024
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Rosco the dog

Dogs are often described as “man’s best friend” because they provide unconditional love to their families and those around them. 

Rosco, a 2-year-old labrador retriever, fits that description perfectly. However, he is no ordinary dog. He works to keep children safe by fighting back against predators seeking to sexually exploit those most vulnerable. 

Funded by Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), Rosco graduated from Jordan Detection K9 training in May of 2023 to become an Electronic Storage Detection (ESD) K9. 

Rosco was placed with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office in Claremore, Oklahoma. Lt. John Haning became his handler, serving as his partner and guardian. Haning knew that Rosco was going to make an extraordinary difference apprehending child predators, but he could not foresee all the wonderful impacts Rosco would have. 

“What I didn’t know is how Rosco would change the lives of my family, our investigators, and our community,” Haning said. 

OUR Rescue
Rosco performing a search alongside Lt. John Haning.

Not only did John Haning welcome Rosco into his life with open arms, so did his family. Perhaps no one did more than his young daughter. 

Rosco works extremely hard on the job but, as with everyone else, he likes to relax and have fun when off duty. Haning’s daughter provides this outlet, including him in short music videos, games of dress up, and neighborhood fun. 

“She takes Rosco all over the neighborhood telling her friends how special he is and what he does for a job,” Haning said. “The kids are always coming and asking for Rosco to come out and play catch.” 

He added that Rosco is “their little hero.” 

Rosco is also a hero to survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Recently, in Oklahoma, a father heinously hid cameras in the bathroom and other rooms of a house to secretly record females. 

When police were speaking with one of the three exploited females, she was shaking and struggling to breathe to the point that she used her inhaler a few times. Then, Rosco and Lt. Haning arrived at the scene. 

As only he could, Rosco had a calming impact on the woman. Due to Rosco’s previous training as a therapy dog, the survivor was allowed to pet him. Almost instantly, her entire body began to relax. Her breathing slowed and she stopped shaking.

“Rosco is truly an amazing dog,” an investigator on the scene said. 

Rosco continued to bring the survivor comfort as the police got a full confession from the predator. 

OUR Rescue
Rosco pictured with Lt. John Haning.

Rosco and other O.U.R. funded ESD K9’s do so much more than just catch the bad guys. They serve as a calming presence for survivors in moments of great need. 

Rosco’s life-changing work will carry on for many years to come. 

And at home, he will continue to serve as a best friend to Lt. Haning’s daughter. When roaming around the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, he will continue to share happiness and relieve stress. 

“God sent us an angel through your organization. Thank you,” Haning said.