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An OUR Operations responder stands next to Policia


Throughout the years, OUR Rescue has received numerous awards from our valued law enforcement collaborators across the globe. These awards highlight the collective efforts that have assisted in rescuing countless survivors. The work doesn’t end after rescue—in fact, it’s just the beginning for many, survivors and advocates alike.

Below are several examples of the awards OUR Rescue has received. We are beyond appreciative of these recognitions and maintain that the work we do would not exist without our collaboration with domestic and international law enforcement.

DSI Director-General
DSI’s Director-General presented the plaque recognizing OUR as an “Outstanding Work Integration Agency.” This was awarded on August 30, 2018.
Thai Prime Minister
The Thai Prime Minister presented the plaque recognizing OUR as an “Outstanding Agency on Prevention and Stopping Human Trafficking” for 2022.
Royal Thai Police Chief
The Royal Thai Police’s Chief presented the plaque praising OUR for our support and cooperation with the RTP (for building the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division Justice Space). The award was presented on October 17, 2022, marking National Police Day.
Southern California Gang Conference
Certificate of Appreciation granted to OUR: In recognition of providing outstanding professional support for the SCGC. Thank you for your overall support of law enforcement and dedication. 2022
Project Directors Award - OUR 2022
In recognition of your contributions and support of the Salt Lake Area Gang Project and the law enforcement agencies and officers who serve the Salt Lake Valley. We recognize and thank you for your support and dedication to your community in the Salt Lake Area Gang Project.
A Beacon of Hope
In recognition of the impact OUR has made on our communities. Charity would like to thank you for your partnership in raising awareness, recovering and providing care for survivors of human trafficking.


This plaque is normally given to partners of ATPD.
This plaque was presented to OUR by their Director-General on October 3, 2023 (the 21st Anniversary of DSI’s establishment). It was to show DSI’s appreciation for our great support and cooperation with the law enforcement.
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