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Research and Trends
The Truth About Human Trafficking at the Super Bowl

Awareness campaigns and police operations run in Super Bowl host cities have garnered lots of media attention. But does the Super Bowl truly lead to an increase in instances of human trafficking?

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Survivor Care
Nine-Year-Old “Hailey,” Trafficked by Her Neighbor, Returns Home with a New Awareness of Her Rights

“Hailey,” age 9, was swimming in her local community pool down the street from her home in South America when her neighbor, an adult male, approached her.

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Survivor Care
The Boy in the Green Shirt

The “Boy in the Green Shirt” was an investigation that started in Southeast Asia after the police in another country found photos of an unidentified young boy in a green shirt being sexually assaulted. The offender had unique, identifiable physical traits, so local police were able to quickly identify a citizen with matching traits to this alleged offender...

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Survivor Care
Survivor Story: “I am free”

The O.U.R. Aftercare team was invited to Central America to visit an aftercare home, which was brought to their attention by a mutual friend and lawyer who is contracted there. She relayed to the team about the survivors who she had gotten to know and love and invited the group to come see for themselves.

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Survivor Care
The Forgotten Survivors of Human Trafficking

“If people hear my story, then they will know the reality we face. I know this happens to more men, I still know men stuck in the system. I want my story out there so that people will know, people will be angry, and people will fight for change. Then, maybe someday, this will stop happening.”

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6 Forms of Human Trafficking & Exploitation (and How OUR Fights to End Each One)

Child sex trafficking has been reported in all 50 U.S. States. Read the most common forms of trafficking & exploitation.

Standing in front of the window and thinking, a young 18-year-old dreams, chooses whether to study or work. Portrait of a charismatic serious guy with blue eyes
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Prevention & Awareness
What Human Trafficking Looks Like

There is a common misconception that human trafficking victims are kept in cages and chains. While this is not outside the realm of possibilities in the most egregious cases, human trafficking is so pervasive, in part, due to how easily it can be kept under the radar.

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Survivor Care
Gardy’s Story

Discover the story of Gardy as told by Guesno Mardy, Gardy’s father.

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Survivor Care
7 Year Old “Little Wonder Woman” Helps Save Two More Survivors

When the identity of 7-year-old Sabrina was verified from an online child exploitation video, O.U.R. and law enforcement quickly made plans to arrest the traffickers and remove her from harm’s way.