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Our Rescue Operator standing in front of computer.
1 min read
Operation Los Cabineros

In Peru, it has been reported that two men worked together to create and distribute Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) of boys between 8-10 years old.  One of the suspects operated an internet center on the first floor of his home. With video games available to be played, this gave…

A woman's arm is being tattooed with a heart
5 min read
How Do Human Traffickers Mark Their Victims?

Human traffickers sometimes mark their victims with physical markings. These are often tattoos but can appear in various ways on the bodies of victims.

1 min read
The Real Person Behind the Character “Giselle” in the Film “Sound of Freedom” and the Story of Her Arrest

In 2014, O.U.R. conducted its biggest rescue operation to date. It was called Operation Triple Take, with three operations in three different Colombian cities to rescue victims of sex trafficking.

2 min read
Survivor Care
Nine-Year-Old “Hailey,” Trafficked by Her Neighbor, Returns Home with a New Awareness of Her Rights

“Hailey,” age 9, was swimming in her local community pool down the street from her home in South America when her neighbor, an adult male, approached her.