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4 min read
Prevention & Awareness
10 Ways to Stop Human Trafficking

Human trafficking impacts millions of people around the world each day. However, there is hope in the fight against this pandemic. Here are 10 ways to stop human trafficking, starting with five actions you can take immediately. Raise Awareness – Protect Your Children This is the first line of defense.

very busy city street filled with people walking across the sreet.
6 min read
Research and Trends
Human Trafficking Statistics and Facts In 2024

From high profile cities in the United States to remote locations around the world, human trafficking is a relatively silent epidemic that impacts communities everywhere.

Parent talking with child about online safety
12 min read
Resources for Parents
How can I, as a parent, protect my kids?

After people learn about human trafficking and the evil that exists in the world, one of the most common questions we get asked at OUR Rescue is, “How do I protect my kids?”

2 min read
Prevention & Awareness
How to Practice Online Safety While Using TikTok

You can take charge of you and your family’s online safety by taking simple measures online. We have collected some simple steps to secure your accounts - learn more today.

3 min read
Prevention & Awareness
How To Spot Red Flags In Social Media Profiles

Knowing how to spot a fake profile can go far in protecting you and your loved ones against online exploitation.

4 min read
Survivor Care
The Link Between Mental Illness and Human Trafficking

Discussing the relationship between mental illness and human trafficking can help create an environment of understanding of the experiences of survivors, as well as how different mental conditions can affect one’s risk of being trafficked. 

1 min read
Resources for Parents
FBI Detroit Warns of Increase in Sextortion Schemes Targeting Young Boys – Here’s What You Can Do

The most effective way to stop these criminals is by preventing young people from becoming victims.

1 min read
6 Forms of Human Trafficking & Exploitation (and How OUR Fights to End Each One)

Child sex trafficking has been reported in all 50 U.S. States. Read the most common forms of trafficking & exploitation.