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A girl stands in a doorframe in Cambodia
4 min read
Research and Trends
Modern-Day Slavery: An Invisible Epidemic in Plain Sight 

Slavery is often talked about in the past tense, as if it no longer exists and hasn’t for quite some time. Unfortunately, that is not the reality.

2 min read
Survivor Care
Survivor Story: Susie

Susie supported herself financially by braiding hair. She went door to door selling her services to locals in her hometown in East Africa. She had been toiling away in her small hometown, feeling trapped by circumstances that she couldn’t control. That’s when a chance encounter with a European man changed…

A young boy stands on the shore of a lake with a boat in the background
3 min read
Survivor Care
O.U.R. and the Fight Against Child Sacrifice

Over the past few years, O.U.R. has helped with cases concerning a shocking and long-standing practice that consistently occurs in some parts of Africa as well as a few other regions around the globe: child sacrifice. 

5 min read
Survivor Care
The Boy in the Green Shirt

The “Boy in the Green Shirt” was an investigation that started in Southeast Asia after the police in another country found photos of an unidentified young boy in a green shirt being sexually assaulted. The offender had unique, identifiable physical traits, so local police were able to quickly identify a citizen with matching traits to this alleged offender...