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ESD K9 Boone

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Published on May 13, 2024
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ESD k9 Boone with handler

An Illinois man is alleged to have secretly recorded his stepdaughter and other family members by using a camera that was disguised as a screw. Police say Timothy Mol, 45, placed the camera in a switch plate – the small piece of plastic that surrounds a light switch – on a bathroom wall in his home. 

This was discovered when his house was searched by law enforcement earlier this year. However, that is not what they were investigating him for initially. After receiving a tip toward the end of 2023 about a man downloading Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) in New Lenox, Illinois, Mol was identified as the suspect. 

OUR Rescue
Timothy Mol, 45

Once a local judge approved a search warrant, the New Lenox Police, Cook County Sheriff’s Office, and Department of Homeland Security arrived at Mol’s home. OUR Rescue sponsored Electronic Storage Detection (ESD) K9 Boone was also on-site to help with the search. And it’s a good thing he was. 

K9 Boone discovered the camera located in the bathroom. Thanks to training through Jordan Detection K9 the three-year-old English Labrador helped stop Mol from continuing to exploit his stepdaughter and other members of the family. Additionally, during the search, authorities took possession of Mol’s electronic devices. On them, evidence of his suspected crimes was found. 

The 45-year-old man was arrested. Boone’s discovery allowed law enforcement to charge him with multiple crimes: possession of CSAM and unauthorized video recording. While these are the current charges against him, more are possible, according to the police.