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A Lullaby Story

A lullaby has a way of helping each of us find solace amongst the thorns. Such was the case with Operation Underground Railroad’s Founder and CEO Tim Ballard.

Rescuing children from sex slavery never even entered his mind when Tim Ballard signed up with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Having previously served in the CIA, Ballard moved over to HSI soon after the attacks on the twin towers in 2001 in order to better protect America’s borders. But fate had a different plan for him.

His boss was creating a special task force to rescue children being trafficked across the boarder from San Diego, California into Mexico and Ballard was invited to be a part of the team. The idea did not exactly appeal to him. It is an ugly underworld that he didn’t want anything to do with, however, after a great deal of soul searching he agreed to help.

The first rescue involved a young brother and sister who were kidnapped and whisked across the Mexican boarder to be entertainment and play toys at a sex party. In a daring HSI undercover operation, Ballard infiltrated the party as an undercover operative and rescued them both. The siblings were then turned over to a recovery center in California.

The idea of staying with the special task force weighed heavily on Ballard’s mind after that. Should he continue rescuing children from the nightmare they find themselves in? What effect would this have on his life – on his family? Or should he continue to protect America’s borders as he had planned to do?

While contemplating the fork in the road, a song came on the radio. It was a lullaby written and sung by Peter Breinholt – and it spoke to Ballard. The lyrics talk of bad dreams and how he hopes the bad people “won’t come round here no more… and maybe you will stay here to hold on to.”

It was the turning point for Ballard. He knew what he had to do and he’s been doing it ever since.

To watch the music video click here Lullaby. To support O.U.R. download the a music track on iTunes. for .99 here.   Breinholt is graciously donating ALL proceeds to O.U.R. to help rescue children.

Lullaby Lyrics by Peter Breinholt

As I lay myself to sleep I’m awake And nobody else is here – Sometimes I wish I could fly away So they won’t come round here no more – They won’t come round here no more

Did you see the castle in the air And all the people living there Or did a bad dream call tonight – Well they won’t come round here no more

So sleep now and be still And know that There’s no fear

And maybe You’ll stay here to hold on to When things get bad – So be still And sleep now And know that There’s no more fear

And maybe You’ll stay here To hold on to – There’s one thing you should know – They won’t come round here no more

2016-04-16 07:34:57
God bless you! We must protect innocence!!!
Rhiannon Venturella
2016-04-29 11:37:03
Wow...this is amazing. I got goosebumps when I heard what you guys are doing. I am currently a student in college going for my BSW and want to work with the victims of child sex trafficking. I applaud Tim Ballard and his team for the courageous acts they are partaking in. There are not enough words to be spoken to show how much this organization touches my heart. God bless you guys, thano you from an average civilian for stepping up and helping these children who need it the most.
Karen Hansen
2016-05-03 15:32:36
What an inspirational story. I'm so thankful for what you are doing to rescue these children. There is no cause more worthy than this one. We will do whatever we can to help and will continue to pray for OUR and the Jump teams, and for Tim and the leaders to keep fighting this fight!
Leslie Plank
2016-05-04 14:13:23
Thank you is not enough. There needs to be a word stronger than thank you, but thank you for saving the children. God bless you and your team, God protect you and your team, and God help you and everyone involved to save the dear, precious children. What sweeter, happier sound than the laughter of a child. Children are the most precious treasures.
Drew Henrichsen
2016-05-12 05:20:33
Thank you. There are tears in my eyes. I want to grow up to be like all of you. I agree that there is not a strong enough word in any language I know to express the depth of what you are doing. I want to help. Thank you. The tears are still there, 20 minutes later.
Maureen and Lee Young
2016-05-15 22:18:02
We are so very grateful for your work to save the children from the sex slavery trade! Thank you for your caring hearts and your determination to put those cold, selfish sellers of innocents away forever! How enormously grateful all those children are and will be, to you and your saving team, for grasping them out of the hell of the sex trade. They will no doubt love you forever!...and you deserve it!! Thinking about the children brings tears, for the degradation and suffering they have endured. Thank God for angels like you!! No doubt you will have a special place in Heaven!
Lynn LaMar
2016-05-26 19:30:49
I would do anything to help a child anywhere. There is no reason for any child to not experience all that the age of innocence has to offer...let me help. I'm fearless and I'll go anywhere. Already have...
Cornelia McDermott
2016-08-20 07:28:37
Amazing work , what a God send you are!! This has always weighed heavy on my heart for these little children to be so tortured when life should be so good for them . I am a grandma several times over getting ready to retire soon and would love to help in someway besides just monetary donation. I could be an after care person I would love these children and then show them that this world that they were brought into should be a beautiful place that they can love and trust and find help again. My email is enclosed, can give as many references as you need. In Illinois
2018-04-19 00:10:48
Wow, great post. Awesome.
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