In The Trenches
Join us In The Trenches-
a podcast dedicated to sharing stories
of those taking action against
sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. 
Join us In The Trenches- a podcast dedicated to amplifying the brave stories of those on the frontline in the fight against exploitation. From operations to aftercare, survivors and advocates, in-depth accounts from around the world are shared- spotlighting how vital storytelling can be to fight back against evil. 
S1E1: The Founders Behind Operation Underground Railroad’s Anti-Trafficking Mission
Join O.U.R. Founder Tim Ballard and his first employee Matt Cooper as they share the story of their early days in the fight against human trafficking. Hear how they identified a need for a different kind of anti-trafficking organization, and how they built Operation Underground Railroad to meet that need. Discover how their courage, passion, and commitment have inspired others to join the fight against modern slavery.
S1E2: How a K9 is fighting to protect children from exploitation in Riverside County
In this podcast episode, we hear from a Riverside County investigator and his K9 partner who are on the front lines of the battle against child exploitation. Learn how this duo is using their unique skills and training to locate key evidence and bring perpetrators to justice.
S1E3: Operation Triple Take: Inside O.U.R's First Mission to Colombia
Join us as we speak with the team behind Operation Triple Take, one of O.U.R.'s first missions to Colombia. Learn about the challenges they faced and the risks they took to rescue children from sex trafficking. Hear from the team members who were on the ground and the impact this operation had on our work going forward.
S1E4: We Fund The Police: JC Holt on O.U.R.'s Work in the United States
In this episode, Tim Ballard sits down with the O.U.R.’s Director of Domestic Law Enforcement Relations to discuss the fight against trafficking here in the United States. We delve into the challenges law enforcement face in identifying and combatting trafficking, the role of technology in preventing trafficking, and the importance of collaboration between agencies and nonprofits.
S1E5: Going Undercover: Face-to-Face with Human Traffickers
In this episode, Tim Ballard and O.U.R.’s first employee Matt Cooper discuss why it’s difficult to pin down a typical profile of a human trafficker. Tune in as they share fascinating and shocking stories of how traffickers test tourists and others to see if they are undercover cops. 
S1E6: Going Undercover Part 2: Life After The Operations
Matt Cooper joins Tim Ballard as they dive deeper into the mind space of an undercover operator. O.U.R. intentionally goes to the darkest corners of the globe to rescue children from trafficking. They are the places no one else would go but a lot of what our operators see are things that no one should ever have to witness, let alone experience.
Join The Fight.
When we committed to this fight in 2013, we never imagined the amount of support we would receive from those determined to make a difference alongside us- shining their own light on the issue of child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. For that, we will never give up fighting and will continue to go to the darkest places until this crime no longer exists. Thank you for continuing to be the light that we take into the darkness.  
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