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Start a Fundraiser

Launch a campaign to help bring an end to human trafficking and child sexual exploitation.
Children race to raise funds
A woman stands infront of a table with collectible toy cars to raise funds for OUR Rescue
Three highschool-aged girls pose for a photo behind a table with OUR apparel and information

From lemonade stands to music festivals, golf tournaments, and everything in between, we've seen incredible fundraising efforts for the cause! No matter what you choose to do, the funds you raise will help protect countless individuals from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

How it works

Starting a fundraiser is super easy! Here’s how to do it.

Set up your fundraiser
Choose a fundraiser name, set your goal, and share why you’re raising money for OUR Rescue.
Start raising money
Share about your fundraiser. Post it on your social accounts, email your family members, and text your friends.
Celebrate your impact
Be proud of yourself. 100% of the money you raise supports the fight to end inhumane crimes.

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