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Nala & the Angry Bird

OUR Rescue
Posted by OUR Rescue
Published on May 31, 2024
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The following is a firsthand account from Detective Gill of the Seattle Police Department.

I have been a Seattle Police Officer for 17 years. It was a natural choice for me; I’ve always had a strong desire to help people in need. Joining the ICAC unit in 2015 felt like the right path because I wanted to be a voice for the most vulnerable in our society. We as adults have resources and the means to seek help and get out of bad situations, but who do the children have? Children rely on adults for guidance and support; what happens when the very adults entrusted with their care are the perpetrators? It’s a heinous betrayal of innocence and my mission is to ensure accountability for those who prey on children.

In 2021, I was fortunate to be partnered with K9 Nala, an Electronic Storage Detection (ESD) dog, sponsored by OUR Rescue and trained by Jordan Detection K9. Nala eagerly anticipates our work together each day. She has proven invaluable on numerous warrants, uncovering overlooked or hidden electronic storage items, constantly impressing me and bringing pride to our ICAC team.

OUR Rescue
These incredible ESD K9 Labradors complete rigorous training to sniff out concealed electronic storage devices predators use to hide child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

Last month she indicated on a lunch box. I looked inside the lunch box but there weren’t any electronics which I could see. She went around the room and indicated on the lunch box again. I found a little red Angry Bird toy in the side pocket of it. I handed the toy to another detective, they looked at it and set it down. Nala again went around the room and then went to where the Angry Bird was set down and indicated on it. I then pulled the Angry Bird apart and realized it was a 4GB USB storage device. I apologized to Nala, fed her, and I swear she mouthed, “See mom, I told you!”

The nature of Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) cases can be emotionally draining, but having Nala by my side both in the field and in the office lifts spirits and lightens the atmosphere for everyone.

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