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Aftercare, Operations
Aftercare, Operations

Written by an O.U.R. Operator

Who is the “boy in the green shirt”?

The “Boy in the Green Shirt” was an investigation that started in Southeast Asia after the police in another country found photos of an unidentified young boy in a green shirt being sexually assaulted. The offender had unique, identifiable physical traits, so local police were able to quickly identify a citizen with matching traits to this alleged offender. They requested the support of the O.U.R. Ops Team to gather additional intelligence which may help find the young boy in the green shirt.  

The O.U.R. Ops Team quickly determined that the offender was heavily involved in activities which provided him unsupervised contact with young children, such as giving art lessons and music lessons. It was decided that an O.U.R. Operator would go undercover to befriend the offender. The O.U.R. Operator began integrating himself into the life of the offender by booking him for drawing lessons, which would initially take place at the offender’s home. I’m the O.U.R. Undercover Operator who befriended this offender, integrated my undercover identity into his life, and eventually gained access to not only his inner-circle of friends but to the boy in the green shirt. I will be telling this story firsthand.  


On the very first art lesson with the offender, it was clear that he had direct access to multiple underage victims who were often seen at his home playing, swimming, and hanging out. Walking away from the offender’s house following my first art lesson, leaving behind 2 young neighborhood boys who had come to swim with the offender was difficult, to say the least. 

I began by booking the offender for drawing lessons since he was advertising these services via his social media profile. After sitting through multiple art lessons, the offender began bringing an underage boy with him to the lessons, whom he described as a close neighborhood friend.  

Shortly after this meeting, the offender and I became friends on social media. The offender was seen to be heavily involved in the acting/modeling industry with contacts with agents and photographers. A pattern began to emerge where the offender would befriend a potential victim, encourage him and his family members to pursue acting/modeling, and then use his connections to book casting calls, photoshoots, etc. Once the victim and his family began trusting the offender, he would begin having unsupervised contact with the victim. All of the children that the offender was seen interacting with in this manner were young boys between the ages of 6-10 years old. 

Once we became friends on social media, it didn’t take long to find the boy in the green shirt. This boy, like many others who had unfortunately crossed paths with this offender, had been victimized and exploited while being left unsupervised with him during photoshoots and casting calls across the city. The boy in the green shirt is “Simon”. 


I stared at Simon’s face for about 2 months while we did everything we possibly could to identify him. We studied and researched the clothing company of the green shirt he was seen wearing.

We reviewed every single modeling/photoshoot for that clothing company which included thousands of photos of child models. None of them were Simon. My entire team of O.U.R. Operators poured over every single detail in the photos of Simon, including imperfections in the office furniture, visible paint spatter from one of the walls being recently repainted, and manufacturing details in the window frame behind the bed. Nothing pointed to this kid. But after integrating into the offender’s personal and online life, and into his inner-circle of friends, we finally found Simon. But we didn’t only find Simon. We found so much more. ⁠

Law enforcement investigators were able to use the information provided by O.U.R. and they tracked down that exact window frame and bedroom with the same paint spatter on the floor. And the same computer desk. Actually, they found the exact room where Simon was sexually abused when he was 6 years old. ⁠

They found not only Simon, but over 50 other local children that were systematically befriended, groomed, and sexually abused not only by the offender who abused Simon, but by many people within the offender’s inner circle of friends. Simon’s abuser is sitting in a prison as we speak.


Simon is safe. He has been receiving aftercare support from O.U.R. and the local government. He’s no longer involved in acting or modeling. The O.U.R. Aftercare team keeps in close contact with Simon and his family to remind them that just because an investigation ends, O.U.R.’s support does not.  

The aftershocks of Simon’s case are ongoing. There have been multiple arrests related to the sexual abuse of the other children identified in Simon’s investigation. In total, over 50 young boys have been identified from the hundreds of thousands of photos and videos of child sexual abuse material which were seized after arrests and search warrants were executed to rescue Simon. 

I almost never write a  “story from the field”. I prefer to do my work, write my reports, and support law enforcement and move  on from one case to the next case. But in this instance, I want everyone involved with O.U.R. to know how proud I am to be a part of the Southeast Asia team and support law enforcement here. Lives are being changed here. Just due to the support provided to law enforcement in Simon’s case, lives have already been changed across the world.  


The offender loved to eat Burger King and would often talk about eating at a particular Burger King located in a local mall. For our final art lesson, I requested that we meet at that exact Burger King so I could buy him lunch. He was so excited. Just as we began our lesson, multiple plain-clothes officers entered from directly behind the offender and took him into custody, prior to him getting to enjoy his delicious Burger King flame-broiled Whopper. I doubt they’ll be serving Whoppers in prison anytime soon. Oh well….so close. Cheers.  

Please accept my deepest gratitude for the support the Southeast Asia team receives from everyone at  O.U.R., the donors, board members, everyone. I’m left speechless regularly at the things that are being accomplished and the lives that are being affected and it’s all because of the support provided by all of you. Thank you.  

An O.U.R. Operator 

linh mai
2020-11-26 05:37:47
Very rooted children are abused because they are too young to be aware of the danger around them. What we can do is spread the word about bad behavior so everyone can protect children. Let's collaborate like candy crush saga
linh mai
2020-11-26 05:40:04
Let's get rid of those bad things that harm the future of the world, protect children like candy crush saga together
Dana Wyttenbach
2020-12-03 08:45:13
My family needs help now
2020-12-14 20:28:57
Have you received help
Linda Oducado
2020-12-15 22:18:08
Dana Wyttenbach, have you received any help yet?
2020-12-29 19:27:37
Help! I am being retaliated against because im trying to get access to my teens. They are brainwashed or threatened. Some law authorities involved. Kids at risk for self-harm. They dont trust anyone but their captors. Corruption pretty widespread here. People who took them --have access to encrypted web to traffickers,--foxes guarding the henhouse, very clever and manipulative liars, have many wealthy, powerful liars involved. I have documentation. My kids are in danger, and so am i. Please call or text soon.
2021-06-22 22:55:30
Hi Sadie same here please let me know if you find any resources or any help. Thanks
Shannon Pitzner
2021-08-12 15:21:53
Sadie did you ever get help? I am hoping so.
Nana Lynda
2020-12-31 07:34:41
As a mother of a daughter who was sexually abused by a trusted neighbor in the early 80’s I am so grateful for this organization bringing these things to light. Our daughter did not confide in us till 1994. Children must be safe wherever they are. Please continue this great mission.
t rex game
2021-01-04 19:20:33
I really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. I feel strongly that love and read more on this topic. I have spent a lot of my spare time reading your content. Thank you a lot.
2021-02-10 23:15:35
Please contact me as I need to help. My heart is aching to help these children and I’m available to do what is needed. I feel completely useless right now and really feel it is my purpose to help were I can
2021-03-08 11:00:35
Merci à toutes ces belles personnes qui aident les enfants. Pour ma part,j’ouvre les yeux ,écoute et apporte de l’aide à mon entourage. Je voudrai tant faire plus... Trankil you fou all.
Marguerite totin
2021-03-08 11:06:47
Thank you for everything
Marguerite totin
2021-03-08 11:14:54
I think vert hard of you Sadie Marguerite (Daisy) of France
Kathy Panko
2021-06-13 13:34:40
I would like to get involved either in a fund raiser or sale of clothes , or somehow give my services to this group . I used to be on the board for a non for profit . I know it takes countless hours to collect donations and otherwise bring fundraisers to your own community it's . Much like this cause . People also hesitate when it has to do with opioid crisis and drug reform / rehab. They'd rather not think about that happening in their community . In love 100% with this mission and cause . Please somebody reach out to me and tell me how I can be of service : I would also love to participate in events .I'm here in Illinois . We don't have a thing . (I'm guessing ) towards this cause . Sincerely Kathleen
2021-06-22 16:55:42
Awesome. Keep saving the innocent children! ????????
Michelle Patterson
2021-06-23 09:33:04
This is such an incredible story! All the details you go through to nail it all down are incredible. I am so grateful for all you are doing to save these sweet children. It breaks my heart that our boarders are wide open for evil people. Keep fighting. God Bless you ♥️
2021-09-11 06:08:42
Thank you for all the great work you do. I wish I could offer you more support. I've listened to interviews with Tim and I am positive I couldn't do your job. Too much heartbreak. Too much rage. Walking away from this guys place with all those kids around must have been among the most difficult things you ever did.
2021-12-14 20:07:47
I am retired from the field of health care. I owned a successful educational supply business, supporting parents at the same time. I now tutor part time. I just ache to help these hurting children. Can you direct me as to how I can volunteer? I'm in Idaho, but willing to relocate if necessary.
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