About Us

About <span className='yellow'>Us</span>
We lead the fight against child sexual exploitation and human trafficking worldwide.
Our work spans the globe as we assist law enforcement in rescue efforts and help provide aftercare to all those affected. While we prioritize children, we work to empower the liberation of anyone suffering at the hands of those looking to sexually exploit. We offer vital resources to authorities around the world and work tirelessly to raise awareness and meet survivors on their healing journey. Our resolve never falters, and we will boldly persevere until those in need are safe.

O.U.R. Action plan

Operation Underground Railroad is leading the fight against sex trafficking and sexual exploitation with three bold strategies that make up our Global Rescue and Recovery solution.
U.S. Law Enforcement Relations
In the United States, we fight to protect children in our own backyard by developing relationships with law enforcement agencies and offering resources to expand and amplify their anti-human trafficking and exploitation efforts.
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International Operations
The O.U.R. International Operations team consists of highly experienced and extensively trained former law enforcement personnel, intelligence experts, U.S. diplomats, and military officers who are on the ground doing active investigations in countries across the globe.
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The O.U.R. Aftercare Team coordinates with the O.U.R. Operations Team to ensure that vetted aftercare services are in place prior to operations. We utilize best practices, trauma-informed care, and provide person-centered services when working with survivors.
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Leading The Fight

Combatting the global crisis of human trafficking and sexual exploitation requires an incredible team. We're grateful to have experienced and committed leaders guiding Operation Underground Railroad.
Tammy Lee
Chief Executive Officer
Tammy Lee
Tammy Lee joins O.U.R. from Xena Therapies, a med tech company specializing in women’s health and orthopedics, focusing on philanthropic support for women. Prior to founding Xena Therapies, she was President & CEO of Recombinetics, a bio tech company focused on human health, regenerative medicine and animal welfare. With a background in corporate affairs at Carlson, the University of Minnesota Foundation, Delta Air Lines, and Northwest Airlines, Ms. Lee excels in coalition-building for policy change and spearheading multi-million-dollar fundraising efforts, including for trafficking prevention. She also served on the White House Interagency Task Force to Combat Trafficking in Persons and other national boards, advocating to end trafficking. Recognized as an expert, she frequently speaks on corporate philanthropy and best in-class programs for anti-trafficking initiatives.

Board of directors

In her role as Strategic Advisor for the Washington State Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Kelly Crouch brings over 20 years of experience in community education to counsel over 150 agencies on strategies that both prevent and effectively respond to technology-facilitated child sexual exploitation. Through her commitment and expertise, she is an essential figure in protecting children from trafficking and other online dangers.
Jeff Frazier is a decorated U.S. Army Veteran serving as the Chairman of STIMPACK, a Haiti-focused think tank and interventional NGO. Jeff has experience in marketing and growth organizations as the founder, former CEO and current Board Observer at THREAD, a leading technology platform enabling innovative research approaches to biopharmaceutical and life sciences organizations. Through his extensive charitable work, he has worked alongside community stakeholders to manage and fund projects focused on improving the quality of life in the world’s neediest communities, including through preventing trafficking.
As a physician, Dr. Jordan Greenbaum spent her clinical career working with children who experienced abuse, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. She currently provides international training and technical assistance to multidisciplinary professionals working with abused and exploited children, providing guidance on the trauma-informed, child-centered and rights-based approach to care. She collaborates with global experts to create tools and resources to improve the health sector response to human trafficking. Her research has been instrumental in designing screening tools for healthcare settings to identify youth at risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Dr. Greenbaum’s extensive experience and dedication to the wellbeing of children make her a key figure in the fight against trafficking and exploitation.
Michele McBride is a multi-faceted professional committed to societal improvement and individual empowerment. As the Director of Organization Development for Keller Williams, Michele is pivotal in guiding the professional development of employees of all backgrounds and identities, and in ensuring that the company’s organizational needs align with strategic goals across its franchises, promoting a cohesive and effective workforce. Michele’s expertise is further recognized through her position as an Editorial Board Member for the peer-reviewed publication the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, where her involvement aligns with her broader goals of fostering societal advancement through informed policy and practice. As a co-Founder of the non-profit Project ROAR, she has been instrumental in promoting adaptable outdoor recreation focused on accessibility for athletes with disabilities and mobility differences.
With more than 25 years of law enforcement experience, Matthew has played a pivotal and hands-on role in disrupting criminal organizations involved in human trafficking and child exploitation across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. He provides both technical and operational assistance to dismantle transnational criminal organizations through directly liaising with government and law enforcement agencies around the globe.
Sean Vassilaros is a proven executive and entrepreneur with extensive philanthropic experience. He served as co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at THREAD, a leading clinical research technology platform, for ten years, culminating in a successful exit in 2019 via acquisition. Sean is the co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of KANNY, an innovative software company in the HR Tech space. In addition, he serves as Chairman of the Hailey Mayz Foundation, a non-profit providing physical, speech, and occupational therapies for special needs children, and as an Adjunct Professor at Lehigh University in the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Senior Leadership for Global Operations and Survivor Care

The O.U.R. Operations and Aftercare teams span seven regions - Asia, Middle East/Africa, Europe, Central America, South America, Mexico/Caribbean, and United States/Canada, impacting over 30 countries. Learn more about our Regional Directors from around the globe below.
In this pivotal new role, Davis spearheads the strategic planning and execution of global anti-trafficking efforts, aiming to boost operational efficiency and effectiveness and ensuring comprehensive survivor care. After a long tenure in law enforcement, Davis joined OUR in 2021 as the Deputy Regional Director of Asia, where he led substantial expansion of the organization’s impact across the continent. Under his leadership, OUR established a presence in three new countries, doubled the number of operations, arrests, and rescues in the region’s most active office, and launched the organization’s first owned electronic storage detection (ESD) K9 program. Davis reports to CEO Tammy Lee.
Utilizing his decades of experience in digital forensics, cybercrime prevention, and law enforcement, Ogden oversees the OUR’s cyber intelligence programs that inform rescue missions and gather critical evidence to help law enforcement rescue survivors and convict traffickers. Ogden also works directly with law enforcement to provide them the training and tools they need to identify cyber criminals and make arrests. He reports to Davis and supports OUR’s cyber operations worldwide. He joined OUR’s cyber operations team in 2022. Ogden has more than 20 years of law enforcement experience. Most recently, he served as a Deputy Director for the Cybercrime Lab within the United States Department of Justice. He also spent 13 years working for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office as an Agent and Forensic Analyst.
Mariswamy oversees OUR’s comprehensive survivor care programs in Asia, the Middle East, Africa & Australia. She began working with OUR in 2021 and helped establish OUR’s office in Malaysia. She was promoted to Deputy Regional Director for Survivor Care – Asia in April 2022, and assumed the position of Regional Director for Survivor Care – Asia in October 2023. Prior to joining OUR, Mariswamy served as the trauma informed consultant for the Disrupting Harm research project (a partnership between UNICEF, INTERPOL, and EPCAT International) where she interviewed young female Malaysian survivors who had experienced online sexual exploitation and abuse. Mariswamy has over a decade of experience working with survivors of violence and trauma and has worked with international organizations including United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC).
DuPree now leads OUR’s on-the-ground missions within Europe and the Americas and acts as the primary interface between OUR and government agencies, facilitating collaborations and securing support for the organization’s work. DuPree joined OUR in 2021 as Regional Operations Director for Europe. Prior to his work with OUR, DuPree worked for thirty-two years in federal law enforcement, including serving over twenty years as a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), seventeen of which were spent in the highly specialized International Operations division. DuPree reports to Davis in his operations role and to Lee as Government Liaison.
Austin now oversees comprehensive survivor care programs in the Americas and Europe. Austin comes to the role with a track record of advocating for vulnerable populations. Early in her career, Austin worked for Utah State University and was instrumental in creating a 24/7 team to respond to hospitals and police reports surrounding sexual assaults, domestic violence, and interpersonal violence. Austin’s promotion comes after serving as OUR’s Global Director of Survivor Care Operations.

Join the fight

Since 2013, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) has dedicated itself to supporting thousands of survivors worldwide through strategies tailored to specific geographical locations and best practices. This commitment forms the foundation of meeting the survivor along their journey from rescue to recovery.