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Holi Day

The winding, narrow roads of Kathmandu begin to quiet as the sun lowers over the mountains. A new atmosphere descends upon the streets; different from that of the bustling day, where vendors loudly sell their wares and trekking tourists idly walk by, bumping into one another in a sea of people. The night seems somehow quieter, the streets more deserted as darkness lowers. And suddenly that quiet is pierced by […]

Mark Tenny

The Power of One

It is truly amazing what one person can do. Take 17-year-old Mark Tenney, a senior in high school from Irvine, California, for example. He heard Tim Ballard’s story about rescuing children from sex slavery and immediately felt impressed to help in the best way he knew how – organize a bike ride. Not just any bike ride; a 450-mile, five-day bike ride down the California Coast to benefit Operation Underground […]

Tim at CET-CO

O.U.R. 2016 Mid-Year Review: An Intimate Talk With Tim Ballard

The following are excerpts from a filmed interview with Tim Ballard on the progress Operation Underground Railroad has made in the first half of 2016. Tim Ballard: We have made huge strides this year. The thing I’m most impressed with is that half way through the year we’ve already seen as many or more rescues and arrests as we did last year. We’re probably close to double in terms of […]


Protecting Our Children from Sex Trafficking

By Monique Derr   Being a parent is arguably the most joyful experience in the world, but it can also be the most terrifying. It seems we have to always be on our toes, fighting for the balance between safety, and living without fear. With so much media focus and growing awareness of sex trafficking, we find ourselves in positions of both worry and confusion. Can this happen in my […]

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Fundraising Highlight- Jenny Evans Gatherings

Last month, a very special fundraiser took place in Southern California at the home of Jenny Evans. Check out  this video that gives you an inside look into the beautiful evening that included Tim Ballard & O.U.R. Ambassador, Brooke White. 

Girl For Sale

Operation Fortuna: A Series Of (Un)fortunate Events

    The Caribbean – 5 Minors Rescued – 1 Trafficker Arrested   It was obvious right from the very beginning that the suspected trafficker was greedy, ambitious, and inexperienced. And it was ultimately, what led to her downfall and the rescue of five girls between the ages of 14 and 17. Operation Underground Railroad had initially come to this lush Caribbean country at the invitation of the American Embassy […]

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Sex Trafficking In The Modeling Industry

  By Monique Derr – Her mind raced as the modeling agent urged her to lift her dress higher. She was alone in the room. It did not feel right, but she wanted so badly to make a good impression and get the photo shoot job. Perhaps she was just being too cowardly? Maybe this was how it was supposed to work? “Higher,” he said, as he circled her with […]


Loftii Is Supporting O.U.R. and You Can Too!

Help O.U.R. earn $25,000 – it costs you nothing! So many of our great supporters have wondered how else they can support our cause. We’ve got great news: now, you can actively make a difference and support Operation Underground Railroad in your every day life in a new way. We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Loftii. When you shop using Loftii, up to 5% of your online purchases […]

OUR Crossfit

CrossFit O.U.R. 2016

    If you live in Utah, there’s a great and easy way for you to help support Operation Underground Railroad. Come work out with O.U.R. jump team members at CrossFit O.U.R. in Draper, Utah. Coach Drew Rykert will get you in shape in no time at all, and who knows, maybe you’ll even get to go on a rescue mission. O.U.R. founder and CEO Tim Ballard personally chose Rykert […]


12-Year-Old’s Best Gift Of ALL

  By Caleb Larkin – Twelve-year-old Rocco Cooper, from Dallas, in an ultimate show of selflessness, gave up what most boys his age think about more than anything else: birthday presents. Cooper decided that for his twelfth birthday party on May 14th, 2016, instead of asking for presents, he would ask his friends to come with a receipt for their donation to Operation Underground Railroad. He was ecstatic at the […]