Voices for Freedom is a weekly podcast dedicated to raising awareness about the harrowing realities of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation, highlighting the courageous individuals working relentlessly to combat this global crisis.
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50 MIN | APRIL 16, 2024
Human Trafficking in Prisons | Michele Snyder | Ep. 04
Michele Snyder, President of Empowered to Change International, dives deep into unaddressed topics. This includes how women are trafficked in prisons, the existence of therapeutic courts, and how faith is addressed in survivor care. She also shares two trafficking stories, showing that the crime happens in unexpected ways. Listen now!
37 MIN | APRIL 09, 2024
The Eyes Don’t See what the Mind Doesn’t Know | Tammy Lee | Ep. 03
OUR Rescue’s new CEO, Tammy Lee, sits down with Matt Osborne to share why she is excited to lead the organization into its bold future. She also gives insight on how OUR is evolving to better assist survivors and drive the mission forward. Listen now!
43 MIN | APRIL 02, 2024
I Took an Anime Class to Catch a Pedophile | Undercover Operator "Alex" | Ep. 02
This episode features OUR Rescue operator “Alex” as he shares his experience going undercover in Southeast Asia to help catch a child predator and identify the minor that was being sexually exploited. At the request of law enforcement, Alex and the regional team at OUR made a critical difference in this case. Listen now!
42 MIN | APRIL 02, 2024
She Slipped Me This Note: "Help Us, Please!" | Matt Osborne & Jessica Mass | Ep. 01
In our premiere episode, hosts Matt Osborne and Jessica Mass introduce themselves and recount the experiences that led them to OUR Rescue. Additionally, they share details from Operation Sage’s Prayer, a daring rescue mission that took place in Haiti. Both feared for their lives but courageously fought through corruption and adversity to help authorities free 10 Venezuelan women from human traffickers. Listen now!
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