How can I identify human trafficking?

How can I identify human trafficking? Learn how some of the common indicators of how to identify human trafficking.

Is human trafficking happening in the United States?

Is human trafficking happening in the United States? Learn more about the global problem and how the U.S. is no exemption to it.

How can I, as a parent, protect my kids?

How can I, as a parent, protect my kids? O.U.R's. Education Program Manager answers the reality of how to keep kids safe as a parent and what to be on the watch for.

How big of a problem is human trafficking?

How big of a problem is human trafficking? Maggie Bellone, O.U.R.’s Education Program Administrator and Paralegal answers the question.

The Different Types of Human Trafficking

While there are certainly real elements of human trafficking present in the media, there are many different types of trafficking, with each varying in how one can be exploited. 

The Connection Between War and Human Trafficking

There is a long history of increased trafficking risks in times of conflict. The following are factors that can increase one’s vulnerability to being trafficked in war-ridden areas.

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The Link Between Mental Illness and Human Trafficking

LGBTQ+ Youth and Human Trafficking

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How to Practice Online Safety While Using TikTok

You can take charge of you and your family’s online safety by taking simple measures online. We have collected some simple steps to secure your accounts - learn more today.

Myth or Fact: Massage Parlors and How They Play a Role in Trafficking

Illicit massage parlors are a growing issue in the realm of human trafficking and are easily disguisable in society, making this type of crime difficult to notice. Educating oneself on the signs are the first steps in tackling this widespread issue.

The Truth About Human Trafficking at the Super Bowl

Awareness campaigns and police operations run in Super Bowl host cities have garnered lots of media attention. But does the Super Bowl truly lead to an increase in instances of human trafficking?


The Forgotten Survivors of Human Trafficking

“If people hear my story, then they will know the reality we face. I know this happens to more men, I still know men stuck in the system. I want my story out there so that people will know, people will be angry, and people will fight for change. Then, maybe someday, this will stop happening.”


There is a common misconception that human trafficking victims are kept in cages and chains. While this is not outside the realm of possibilities in the most egregious cases, human trafficking is so pervasive, in part, due to how easily it can be kept under the radar.