O.U.R. is committed to walking alongside survivors throughout their healing journey.
<span className='yellow'>Aftercare</span>
Supporting individuals who have experienced severe trauma often requires sustained effort and resources. Unfortunately, many survivors lack access to the necessary resources crucial to their healing and success. O.U.R. aims to help bridge that gap.

AT O.U.R., intervention is just the beginning. The O.U.R. aftercare team walks alongside these brave individuals on their healing journey.

Individualized Aftercare

Trauma-informed aftercare is essential for empowering survivors. Healing can mean different things to different people. Our approach is to help survivors heal in a way that makes sense for them as an individual.

At O.U.R., we are committed to empowering survivors, providing tailored support, and working hand-in-hand with other NGOs to provide personalized aftercare services and make a lasting impact on their healing journey.

Your support equips survivors with safe accommodations, personalized care, and life skills to reduce vulnerability and restore dignity.

Medical Care

Survivors frequently suffer from health problems and medical debt. Commonly diagnosed issues include malnutrition, dental decay, infection, trauma to internal organs, and sexually transmitted infections. O.U.R. is dedicated to helping survivors access the medical care they need to heal.
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Trauma Informed Therapy

“Victims suffering from complex trauma often experience depression, anxiety, self-hatred, dissociation, substance abuse, despair, and somatic ailments. Individuals exposed to this type of trauma are also at heightened risk for self-destructive and risk-taking behaviors as well as re-victimization, and tend to experience difficulty with interpersonal and intimate relationships.”
- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

To support survivors in their journey towards healing it is crucial to prioritize individualized, trauma-informed care.
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For many survivors, a part of their healing journey can be education and job training for them and their children. Education and the ability to earn a sustainable income can be a vital part of a survivor's life. By empowering survivors through sponsoring education, O.U.R. can help them in their healing journey.

O.U.R. commonly sponsors survivors as they go through primary school, vocational training programs, and university.
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O.U.R .advocates and supports survivors as they work through the legal system. This can take many forms including prosecuting their traffickers and abusers, seeking restitution, and navigating other legal issues.
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Stories Of Hope

No two stories are alike and every path towards healing is different. Our approach doesn’t have one solution for everyone; instead, we take an individualized approach tailored specifically around each person’s needs as they embark on overcoming trauma.

Aftercare is how we end the cycle of trafficking- one story of hope at a time. Survivors inspire us every day. At O.U.R., hope outlives fear.
Voices of Freedom
Stories from human trafficking survivors who had their freedoms taken away.
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SUSIE’s Story
“It’ll be a really good job.” “It will pay you well.” “Do you want it?” Without hesitation, she accepted it; but soon realized this was too good to be true...
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Little Wonder Woman
We are inspired by Little Wonder Woman’s courage. One small, but courageous, voice led to the liberation of more survivors.
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Operation Barbarosa Update
Flora was trafficked when she was 11 years old by a local gang in her hometown that was run by a judge. This was her life for two years before O.U.R. intervened.
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