The first step is to ascertain the feasibility of rescue. This must take into account the willingness of local authorities to work with us since we not only want to save the children but arrest the perpetrators as well. We also want everything to be done legally and above board.


Second, we research the location, the children and the background of those who are running the sex ring. We also search for legitimate orphanages that will take the children once they are rescued and not only give them food and shelter but rehabilitate them as well. In some instances the children are able to return to their families. Sometimes, we don’t know where the child is and need to investigate to try and find him/her/them.


Third, we design a strategy for rescuing the children. This is the logistical part of the program. As former CIA, Navy Seals, Special Agents, etc., we have a very unique skill set to make this happen safely, efficiently and legally.


Fourth, we take action. Obviously this is the most dangerous part of the operation but one well worth taking. In some instances we go undercover and arrange to “buy” a child as if we were a customer. After the purchase, we move in with the police, arrest those responsible and rescue the children. In other cases, we may act as a “client” looking for favors, etc. Again, we work with local authorities to make sure everything is done to protect the children and that the perpetrators are arrested.


Fifth, once the children are rescued they need help. Their lives will never be the same. Their innocence has been stolen and they need help to readjust to a better world. Therapy is provided as well as food and shelter at a pre-screened orphanage.


Sixth, the perpetrators are arrested, tried and sentenced. We follow this process every step of the way to make sure they don’t kidnap children again. In many cases the perpetrators were sex slaves and victims of kidnapping themselves and know no better way to survive. We hope to break this cycle.

We are here to rescue them. We are not a government agency. We are a non-profit organization that relies one hundred percent on donations to save them. And we do it because no child should be a sex slave.