Operations | Bringing rescue to every corner of the world
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Bringing rescue to every corner of the world

About Operations

The OUR international and domestic teams respond to government requests for help with training, equipment, intelligence development, and assistance in carrying out rescue efforts, both directly and indirectly.

Operations Stats
predators arrested
survivors supported
operations supported
A group of operators goes over laptops and cell phones
Going incognito

Through extensive digital forensic work and intelligence gathering, OUR operators work to identify as many victims of human trafficking as possible, all while working closely with OUR Survivor Care to anticipate survivor needs.⁠

The Work
How we help international law enforcement agencies
Undercover work & intelligence gathering
Identification of trafficking victims
Assist with operations and survivor care
Provide evidence as needed to aid in prosecution

How we help in the U.S.

Cutting-edge, specialized tools for law enforcement

In the United States and Canada, OUR develops relationships with law enforcement agencies and offers resources to expand and amplify their anti-human trafficking and anti-child sexual exploitation efforts.

United States Stats
U.S. law enforcement agencies supported in all 50 states
Electronic Storage Detection (ESD) K9s sponsored in 35 U.S. states, with 8 placed internationally
U.S. states supported

Law Enforcement Officers:

Contact OUR Rescue to learn how we support agencies in the United States.

Training Electronic Storage Detection K9s
Specialized training for officers
Providing essential tools for digital forensics
Donating equipment to agencies

OUR Operation Stories