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How Students Can Get Involved

You are the future of the fight against child sexual exploitation and human trafficking

Two girls sit behind a Students Against Trafficking table set up in a green grassy field

Students Against Trafficking (S.A.T.)

Each school year, S.A.T. clubs at high schools and universities support the mission of OUR Rescue by raising awareness about online exploitation and human trafficking. This important work is done through monthly meetings, awareness events, and at least one fundraising event.

Apply to start a club
Make a difference
Make a difference

Be the change you wish to see.

Gain valuable experience
Gain valuable experience

Enhance your resume.

Develop new skills
Develop new skills

Grow personally and professionally.

How to get a club started

3 girls pose behind a table of OUR Rescue info at a highschool

Step 1:

Check if your school already has an Anti-Trafficking Club

It is possible someone has already started an anti-trafficking club at your school. Find out by asking your academic advisor or the school office.

2 teenage boys stand besides an info table for OUR Rescue

Step 2:

Talk to your school about how to start a club

Every school has a different procedure for starting a club, so you will need to work directly with your school about the process. Your school will provide guidelines regarding how clubs function and how often they should meet.

Step 3:

Fill out our application

Once you have received approval with your school, apply here to start a club. You must complete the application and get approval before starting your club. Your school may have requirements in addition to the information OUR Rescue needs, so make sure you follow all of them.

Apply to start a club
Students Against Trafficking is supported by OUR Rescue and under our direct oversight.