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International Sex Trafficking Ring Dismantled – 51 Survivors Freed!

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Published on July 13, 2023
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An underground network in Greece, composed of two intertwined criminal organizations, preyed upon vulnerable women, primarily from Latin America, subjecting them to unspeakable atrocities and profiting from their misery. 

In a joint effort by the Hellenic Police, the Spanish National Police, INTERPOL, O.U.R., A21, and Homeland Security Investigations, 22 individuals were apprehended. Eleven of these suspects are believed to be key members of a criminal syndicate and the others were complicit staff at illicit establishments. 

The 51 survivors were lured to Greece under false pretenses and their hope of a better life shattered upon arrival. Forced into a life of sexual exploitation, these women endured unimaginable hardships, even while battling illness. Their earnings were shamelessly confiscated, lining the pockets of heartless criminals. 

The insidious enterprise generated a staggering 160,000 euros per month, funds meticulously laundered through three front companies, obscuring the true nature of their criminal activity. 

Prioritizing the survivors’ well-being, they have been relocated to shelters where they will receive the support and protection they deserve until they can be safely repatriated. Meanwhile, the detained suspects will face an array of charges, including the formation of a criminal organization, human trafficking, and more.  

Our fight against these heinous crimes continues. We are grateful to have directly supported this operation, made possible by your donations. Together, we can dismantle these networks, empowering survivors to reclaim their lives and ensure justice is served.

OUR Rescue

Successful operation leads to O.U.R.’s integration into Greece’s national response plan to human trafficking

We are proud to share that, in light of this success, the Minister of Citizen Protection of Greece conducted a press conference to announce and highlight our strengthened relationship. O.U.R. is now an integral part of Greece’s national response plan against human trafficking and child exploitation.

We are incredibly honored to further strengthen our collaboration with the Hellenic Police, as we work together to liberate and support more victims of human trafficking and exploitation in Greece.