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We are so grateful to our partners at doTERRA! Many have asked where the HOPE bottles are going. We are excited to announce that last weekend 200 HOPE bottles went to a local community in Utah. You are often here our founder, Tim Ballard, say, “Everyone can do something”. This could not be more true. The below passage is from O.U.R. Director of Aftercare, Jessica Mass:

I was so encouraged this morning with the group of people from our community that came together because of HOPE. One woman shared about a time several years ago when she only had $36 in her pocket and wanted to love those in need overseas, but due to her current financial situation was not sure how to do so. So with a few loaves of bread, peanut butter and jelly she started to build relationships with those who were hungry in her local community. Another woman shared about her own history of being sexually exploited and about her passion to serve those in her local community who might be in the same situation. Another woman and her two teenage sons served side-by-side, putting together small gifts of HOPE. Her sons who were 12 and 15 years old, are being raised with the knowledge of how to respect and value girls. We can raise a generation of girls and boys that know how to value and truly love one another.


So whether it is overseas or your neighbor, you can live a life of great significance. Many years ago a friend said to me, “The point to life is to love. Our job is to ascribe unsurpassable value and worth to everyone we come in contact with.” We can all make this one of our primary philosophies in how we live our own lives. This transforms our life so that we will look for the 12-year-old girl who is at risk for sexual exploitation. We will care about our neighbor who may live in poverty and be desperate to somehow provide for her children or the child who is fatherless will no longer be fatherless, because we gather around them as a community to support them in their hopes and dreams.

Prevention and awareness of human trafficking starts with love. Ascribing unsurpassable value and worth to those at home and abroad really only takes living a life of intentionality. To each and every one of you, thank you for your love and care for others and your support for future children rescued through O.U.R.

Nancy Tanner
2016-10-18 02:43:21
I am a wellness advocate and not sure how to get this product to a couple organizations in Florida that are helping survivors in the sex trade industry. Can you give me info on this??
$179 in FREE oils!! – Jonti Oils
2016-12-02 07:13:00
[…] Hope blend is now available for purchase, and 100% of the proceeds go to Operation Underground Railroad!  Will you do your part?  Purchase some hope, get some Melissa and Roman Chamomile that is now […]
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