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Aftercare, Survivor Stories

Jennifer (name changed), a newlywed from Africa, was trafficked into the Mediterranean by a false employment agency and was very far away from home. She missed her husband and wished to be back with him, especially when she found out that she was expecting a baby. 

After enduring a life of exploitation for many months, she was finally able to escape. However, she was presented with a difficult situation that many trafficking survivors face when they are forced into another country: she had no legal documentation. Although she was able to escape those exploiting her, the law required her to be detained for having no official documents.

Since Jennifer’s baby was born in that country, the law would not allow her to bring her baby back to Africa when she was released from prison. They also wanted proof that her husband was the father of the baby or else she would also be charged with having a baby out of wedlock, which is illegal in that country.

There were many laws working against Jennifer, and she was worried about her baby being away from her in an orphanage. 

Jennifer was in a very tricky situation, but O.U.R. Aftercare and our partners worked to help this strong survivor piece her family back together. We were able to retrieve the marriage certificate from her home country in Africa and send her husband to a facility to get a DNA test to prove that he was indeed the father of this baby.

We are excited to report that the tests and documents were cleared! Jennifer is now home with her baby and husband. We are inspired by Jennifer’s strength and determination to unite her family again. 



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Jessica cordova
2020-02-26 19:02:24
This is something that God has put on my heart since I was a little girl my mom was used as a child by her foster family of five brothers and the father of the family from the age of 2 till she was old enough to run away. That stuck with me. I want to make this my life mission. at 13 I became an orphan and the reality that foster system could have been my future. I was lucky enough To have my grandma take me... I Know not every one is. Fast forward to now and I have a little girl she’s about to be two. The thought of Little ones her age being sold and abused Is hard to bare but it’s happen and needs to addressed nationally. I’ live in San Diego How do I help this cause ? Are there any organizations here In San Diego I can join?
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