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O.U.R.’s Expansion into Ukraine

Progress in aftercare is already underway

Our Operations and Aftercare Teams recently visited Ukraine to form ties with local government and aftercare service providers.

While our team was visiting a partnering aftercare home, the aftercare director invited some of the kids that had aged out of the home back for a pizza party. Their smiles made him remember how far they had come since he first picked them up. They also reminded him of the work he had put into learning the country’s language and building safe homes for them.

Sometimes you don’t realize the impact you have had on someone’s life until you take a step back and remember how far they have come.

O.U.R. Aftercare Assistant Tyler Schwab was particularly struck by this man’s perspective. After the pizza party, they had a few minutes to sit down together and talk. The aftercare director said it can seem daunting sometimes to think of the thousands of children who have been trafficked. He said it feels like his impact is just a small drop in the pond. But, he said, when he sees the kids smile, he is reminded of the day he first picked them up. They were broken down and bruised with a look of defeat on their faces. “If I spend 40 more years of working in this country and only help 50 more kids, it will be a life well spent because of those smiles. They are priceless to me.” Our aftercare partner’s devotion has changed many lives.

O.U.R. President of Operations Jon Lines speaking in Ukraine

Our Aftercare Team and partners walk with survivors through court, babies being born, weddings, graduations, and all the ups and downs that naturally come with healing. Their impact affects generations. No effort is too small, and no effort is wasted. We believe in hope and healing for all survivors!

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O.U.R. acts as a force multiplier for law enforcement across many countries by providing training and resources. O.U.R. was recognized as an official charity in Mexico in 2017.

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