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O.U.R. Christmas Party for Children in Haiti

Over 200 children celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus, gifts, and music.

On December 22nd, the O.U.R. Haiti Task Force helped spread some holiday cheer by hosting a large Christmas celebration for the community at our office just outside Port-au-Prince.

Santa Claus was able to visit with children from surrounding areas, some of which have mothers who were rescued in Haiti by O.U.R. We had 225 children total receive gifts, and at one point we had to return to the O.U.R. Haiti office on Christmas Eve to make sure everyone received something!  

The O.U.R. Haiti Office is currently caring for about 50 women we rescued in 2018. Thanks to your generous support, these survivors have been receiving education and vocational training, such as beauty and health care, culinary arts, and home economics. Most of these young women will graduate on February 14th at a ceremony expected to be attended by Haiti’s first lady, prime minister, a few senators, and other high-ranking officials.

We are grateful this holiday season for the donations that allow us to continue to rescue and restore lives. The director of our Haiti office expressed his gratitude to O.U.R. and its supporters for “the work you are doing to help my country.”  We thank you for considering additional support to allow us to rescue even more of God’s precious children in the near future.

We hope you have a Happy New Year!


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