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Here is your weekly roundup of human trafficking stories in the news. We hope to highlight the good work that U.S. law enforcement and citizens are doing to fight human trafficking across the country. O.U.R. was not involved unless specified. 

Eye On Crime: Cal Poly virtual reality training combats human trafficking

A creative team of students at Cal Poly is fighting human trafficking with virtual reality. “We’re building an illicit massage parlor in virtual reality to help train law enforcement on different evidence and different things to look for,” said Marco Zuniga. 

Kik Messenger app to shut down

Because of legal issues with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Kik Messenger is shutting down. This is significant because Kik was involved in many child exploitation cases. Another BBC article “Kik chat app ‘involved in 1,100 child abuse cases’” outlines the risks that children and teens faced on the app. 

D.A. creates a multi-agency unit to prosecute human trafficking cases

The S.A.L.T. (Sex And Labor Trafficking unit) was created in New Orleans to help fight trafficking in Louisiana. “We find that there are a number of these young victims usually between the ages of 12 and 14, primarily females,” says D.A. Leon Cannizzaro. This unit will work to find and prosecute human traffickers.

State grant to fund human trafficking prevention programs in schools

The Office of the Governor’s Child Sex Trafficking Team (CSTT) awarded an anti-human trafficking organization $200,000 to expand human trafficking prevention programs in schools in Waco, Texas. 
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