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For Every Swimming Pool Built, California Pools Donates to O.U.R.

California Pools is a family-owned company that has been building custom pools for over 60 years for homes all over the United States. The company has been innovation-oriented from the beginning. California Pools was started by Wayne Steimle in 1952 as a backyard project – it was so successful, he had his whole neighborhood wanting to hire him to build them a backyard pool! To date, they have built over 70,000 pools and are nationally recognized as a leader in the industry.

When California Pools heard about the issue of child exploitation in the U.S. and around the world, they wanted to get involved in the fight against it. Their story can inspire many:

“We are very family oriented and when we found out we could help children, we jumped at the chance.  Our efforts to help are on a local and corporate level by donating per swimming pool built. At both of our annual manager’s meetings we talk about our current efforts with O.U.R and how else we can help. With the success of our TV show, Pool Kings on DIY Network, we have been building a record level of pools and that in turn has increased our level of donating towards O.U.R.”

Pool Kings is a reality show that shows viewers the process of building a backyard “sanctuary” from beginning to end. This show has dramatically increased business for California Pools. The generous donations from each pool are used to help in rescuing and rehabilitating children that have been exploited all over the world. We are grateful for California Pools’ contribution, and we invite other businesses to follow in their footsteps in the fight against child trafficking.

What can YOU Do?


There are many creative ways that you can fight trafficking. A group named S.O.A.P. packed bags of soap with the human trafficking hotline number on each bar of soap to deliver to local motels in Washington D.C. Their efforts ended up saving a girl from trafficking. Learn more about this story here.

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2017-10-26 14:32:46
[…] are grateful for the many companies that have joined the fight against trafficking. Read about California Pools, a pool company that donates to O.U.R. every time a new pool is […]
2018-04-18 21:35:46
A round of applause for your article. Keep writing.
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