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doTERRA Offers Hope To Survivors of Sex Trafficking

By Caleb Larkin –

Placing hope in the hands of a child can save lives, literally. Essential oils company doTERRA and their Healing Hands Foundation are doing all they can to help those enslaved by human trafficking with a unique product called “Hope”.

Years ago DoTERRA began producing Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade essential oils. After seeing the incredible benefits from using the oils, doTERRA organized “a group of health-care and business professionals to provide the oils to the world.” The newly invented special essential oil called “Hope”, serves an even higher purpose.


DoTERRA is donating “Hope” oil to Operation Underground Railroad, who then distributes it to children and young adults around the world with O.U.R.’s logo and the human trafficking hotline number printed on the inside of the label. It can only be found by pulling the label back.

O.U.R. Director of Corporate Partnerships, Doug Osmond, explains how the “Hope” oil uniquely aids trafficking victims. “The traffickers won’t take it away because it smells good, but it gives the victims a tool to get out,” Osmond says. “It’s amazing what a difference a simple ‘tool’ such as this can make!”

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation mission statement explains that the organization is “committed to improving lives through partnering with organizations that offer hope to millions around the world. Healing Hands seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant. doTERRA provides for all overhead and administrative costs of the Healing Hands Foundation, ensuring that 100 percent of all donations go directly to those receiving aid.”


A Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth”, doTERRA has always had a mission centered on impacting the world. The partnership formed with Operation Underground Railroad only furthers that purpose. Osmond says doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation has been involved with the operation since the beginning. “Back in January 2014, I called Rob Young about contributing to O.U.R.’s mission,” Osmond said. “doTERRA immediately responded with a basket of their product to auction off as a means to fund O.U.R. Operations.”

Since that first interaction, doTERRA has continued to show support to O.U.R. in unique and essential ways. Osmond says that the Healing Hands Foundation has raised $500,000 for O.U.R., connected with three million wellness advocates to spread awareness, and recently had employees participate in a “Day of Giving” to assemble a 1,000 kits for aftercare programs around the globe. doTERRA’s founding executive and CEO, David Sterling, even joined jump team members on an undercover domestic operation, observing from a safe distance.


Osmond sees doTERRA’s support as vital. “They [doTERRA] often do things that they want to remain anonymous about. We are just so grateful to have their support and be able to work alongside them.”

Osmond feels their motivation is purely selfless. “They want to help save kids and they’ve got an ability to help us do that. So they are stepping up to make a difference. They’re not doing it for glory or fame, they are doing it because they know they can help.”

doTERRA and the Healing Hands Foundation partnership with O.U.R. is extremely important for several reasons, but Osmond highlighted two main functions. “First, the financial contributions donated allow us to organize operations, fund aftercare programs and conduct rescue operations we couldn’t otherwise accomplish. And second, through their vast network of wellness advocates, they have been able to promote awareness to over three million people and educate them on human trafficking. It’s a game-changer for O.U.R. and child trafficking in general.”

doTERRA is now making a special offer to O.U.R.’s supporters. From now until November 30th, if you make a donation to the doTerra Healing Hands Foundation on their website and choose O.U.R., they will match the donation!

This partnership allows O.U.R. to extend its reach further into the fight against child sex trafficking. “If they continue to contribute and grow with us, we will be able to fund more aftercare programs, rescue missions and get more people aware of the child trafficking issue,” Osmond says. “We are very grateful this partnership has become a reality.”

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2016-11-04 15:02:59
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Kirsten Cole
2016-11-16 23:12:13
I'm a doTERRA wellness advocate and I applaud OUR and other involved agencies for existing to aid children in their escape and recovery from a horrific life that I can only express as pure evil. As a child welfare social worker, we have been training specifically for children who are caught in the horrible world of sex trafficking. They are often treated like criminals and booked into juvenile hall for prostitution, drug trafficking, or some other crime. OUR not only gives hope to children, but those who work with them, and often families who were helpless in saving their child. This is a crime brought upon by strangers, but sometimes, unfortunately, by family or others close to them. Thank you OUR!
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2018-04-19 04:15:09
I really liked your article.Thanks Again. Great.
Judi Minckler
2018-11-09 23:39:54
On average..How many bottes of oil need to be sold to rescue one child from Trafficking? Just curious
Lucky Patcher apk
2020-02-28 00:33:27
Thank you so much, great post.
Maureen Browning
2020-07-28 18:01:19
I can across this wonderful site of a nonprofit that helps sex trafficking kids get the “branding” tattoos lightened or removed. Wanted to pass it on in case you were interested in partnering or already are. Thank you for all you do. https://soulsurvivor.ink/
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