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Editor’s Note: The following description of Operation Underground Railroad’s Aftercare program is written by the director of aftercare for O.U.R. and is intended to give you an idea of how O.U.R is helping the children it rescues. 

The keyword in Operation Underground Railroad Aftercare truly is “Collaboration”.

We are committed to the journey of supporting survivors in their healing process. At this time, O.U.R. has found the most effective model is partnering, empowering and supporting in-country organizations, safe homes and aftercare centers.

Through collaboration we have been able to support the care of survivors far beyond what we would have been able to do on our own. In order to be most effective, we believe that people who have already invested years in the country are the experts and understand the culture far greater than those who do not live there. It is the desire of O.U.R. Aftercare that we come in with a servant’s heart and an empowering spirit.

Aftercare also works directly in collaboration with the O.U.R. Jump Team and government officials to communicate the needs and potential aftercare centers for children. We then assist in the communication to the center about upcoming rescues and the predicted needs, such as additional social workers and medical professionals in-country.

It is the current practice of O.U.R. Aftercare that before an operation, we build partnerships with in-country aftercare centers that will be able to provide quality holistic care through the healing process of the trauma of trafficking. We believe in ensuring that a survivor has the resources to receive as much aftercare services as needed. We also continue to build on the generous support of individuals and corporations to increase the amount of humanitarian aid and aftercare assistance from O.U.R.

Due to the generous support of many individuals and partnerships, we are also able to provide humanitarian aid based on the need and specific request of the aftercare center. We believe in providing strategic humanitarian aid that is empowering to the center’s short and long term goals.


We believe that established, vetted aftercare centers are the experts in their country and we are servants. Servants that believe in empowering dreams, visions and hope for each survivor’s future. United we stand in the fight against human trafficking and the healing process of victims that become thriving survivors.

Deboray Kieckhefer
2016-05-12 09:16:29
Good afternoon. I would like to assist in anyway I can. 502-640-1875. Even if you need emergency shelter. Even if it's 4 in the morning. I have my own story. I live a private, pretty much happy life now. I would really like to help in anyway I can. I was in St Lucia a couple years ago. I know what I witnessed there. Makes me sick that these scumbags all over the world are getting away with this. God bless
2016-05-13 12:02:21
Deboray, Thank you for your offer of help. The best way to help these children is to become an abolitionists. In this way you are supporting rescues and shelters for these victims. For just $5 a month you can help these children, and since you know what a nightmare they live in, you can understand just how important it is. Please visit us at ourrescue.org and sign up. It's good to know you have overcome your experience. God bless you.
Arlene crews
2016-05-17 22:36:02
I am more than willing to give money, and prayer for these children, I myself was taken and sold twice as a child, God bless all of you for doing this.
Lindy Combs
2016-05-18 08:27:44
Very suspicious trucks: Yesterday I stood at a Whidbey Island, [Washington] ferry dock and watched as vehicles boarded. I have a question: Are panel trucks with NO business signs the common vehicles for transporting abducted women and children? As I walked on the ferry, I saw that same truck was the last one to board; and down the stairs to the upper level came the driver of that truck: bearded, well dressed in casual clothes, with a ski cap...guess to be about age 27 - 30. I was compelled to stop him and try to ...but wisdom led me to just report it...which I did. The person in charge took the license plate as the truck rolled off the ferry ramp at Mukilteo Ferry Dock at about 4:14 p.m. And she gave me a phone number to call when I see other trucks like this. I have learned that Anacortes, north of Whidbey Is. has a traffic ring. I see these types of trucks with great regularity on Whidbey Island.
HearMe Roar
2016-05-18 09:27:32
I would like to form a prayer group and have others join me in prayer for victims of human trafficking!!! We need Gods wisdom, justice, and righteousness to succeed. Contact me on fb at HearMe Roar if u wanna pray! :)
2016-05-20 22:46:39
Can you please give us the address? Googling Hear Me Roar and going to facebook.com/Hear Me Roar didn't bring up anything connected to a prayer group.
2018-04-18 23:10:41
Very good blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.
2018-04-19 04:56:08
Thanks-a-mundo for the article post.Really thank you! Will read on...
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