About OUR Rescue
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About Us

We lead the fight against child sexual exploitation and human trafficking worldwide.

We talk to people every day who are passionate about rescuing children.

Only law enforcement has the legal jurisdiction to rescue children and help those trapped in trafficking. At OUR Rescue, we work to empower their courageous work by providing unparalleled support.

We are strategically positioned to streamline donor support and the expertise of law enforcement agencies to make safe and successful operations possible. Together, we span the globe to assist those in need and meet survivors on their healing journey.

What we do

Since 2013, OUR Rescue, formerly known as Operation Underground Railroad, has been in the fight against child sexual exploitation and human trafficking worldwide. Our resolve never falters, and we will boldly persevere until those in need are safe.

The OUR Rescue Operations teams directly respond to international government requests to develop intelligence and assist with rescue efforts.
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Survivor Care
The OUR Survivor Care teams are committed to empowering survivors, providing tailored support, and working together with other NGOs to provide personalized aftercare services that make a lasting impact on survivor’s healing journeys.
How we help
From quick facts to in-depth stories, our educational resources offer deeper levels of awareness in the fight to end child sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Our process


Develop relationships with law enforcement agencies


Identify how OUR Rescue can collaborate with them to help


Assist with open-source intelligence, strategy, rescue operations, and survivor care


Provide legal support, as needed, to prosecute offenders

OUR Rescue assists alongside Ministerio Público República Del Perú

Since 2013

People like you have stood by us in this critical fight to make the world a better place.

A decade strong, we won’t stop until every person is safe.

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survivors supported
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Where we work

OUR Rescue works with law enforcement agencies all around the globe.