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August 19th, 2014

Operation Mundo Nuevo

26 Children Rescued in the Dominican Republic – 8 Arrested Boys and Girls ages 12-17 Sometimes you see it in…

July 17th, 2014

Searching for the One: Gardy Mardy

Three-year-old little Gardy sits on his father’s lap at church in Haiti. Happy. Content. Free.  His papa gives him a…

July 15th, 2014

Mission Un-Impossible

If you’re a good salesman, you can be a good undercover agent, Ballard says. You don’t have to try to…

June 9th, 2014

Rescue Update: Operation Voo Doo Doll in Haiti

The following are excerpts from an interview with Founder and CEO of  O.U.R. Tim Ballard on his recent visit to…

June 8th, 2014

Children Rescued from Prostitute Ring in Colombia

Youngest Prostitute is Eleven Years Old O.U.R. Founder and CEO Tim Ballard recently returned from a rescue mission in Colombia…