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Aftercare, O.U.R. in the U.S.
Operation Underground Railroad Establishes an Official Partnership with the Phoenix Dream Center
Aftercare, O.U.R. in the U.S.

Phoenix Dream Center

O.U.R. is pleased to announce its official partnership with the Phoenix Dream Center. 

The Phoenix Dream Center is one of the nation’s largest human trafficking programs for young adults, located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. The Phoenix Dream Center is a non-profit organization committed to providing community outreach programs while healing the homeless, incarcerated, addicted, and most predominantly, survivors of human trafficking. 

Founded in 1994, the Dream Center Network has spread across the globe, providing helping and healing to those in need, with 300 Dream Centers worldwide. Since its establishment, the Phoenix Dream Center has helped 2,341 survivors of human trafficking. 

“The model of the Dream Center is to find a need and fill it; find a hurt and heal it,” says Natalie Blackwin, Volunteer Coordinator at the Phoenix Dream Center. 


O.U.R.’s Contribution and Partnership

O.U.R. is honored to officially announce a partnership with the Phoenix Dream Center, as both organizations come together to provide healing and aftercare for survivors of human trafficking. The partnership included a significant donation from O.U.R to the Phoenix Dream Center. With this donation, the center plans to install new emergency room housing, remodel its counseling and recreation rooms, and renovate its teen center.

“O.U.R. is so excited to partner with the Phoenix Dream Center and support their mission to end human trafficking,” said Jessica Mass, O.U.R. VP of Aftercare. “It is through collaborations like this where we can provide the best care and support to these survivors. We are looking forward to a lasting relationship.”

Over the past year, O.U.R. staff and volunteers have lent a hand in the Dream Center initiatives, such as passing out food and supplies and even aiding in a massive toy drive for the holiday season that brought in thousands of gifts. 

Future plans include O.U.R.'s funding the Phoenix Dream Center’s laundry-day program, which provides an opportunity for families in the community and nearby neighborhoods to come into a laundromat and do their laundry for free, while also enjoying a meal and a place for their kids to play.

O.U.R. is looking forward to the ongoing partnership with the Phoenix Dream Center and is excited to see their donation being used to help survivors of human trafficking in the Phoenix community. The Phoenix Dream Center and O.U.R. are grateful to find needs and fill them, to find hurts and heal them, together. 

Barbara Day Nagy
2021-04-06 07:20:45
I want to help! I signed up to give a monthly donation, ordered a tee shirt this problem has just come to life with me after listening to sources of truth My eyes have been OPENED!
2021-04-30 08:18:57
Are any of the dream centres located in the UK?
2021-06-19 18:41:56
This is a blessing. Matthew 5:3-12
2021-09-11 13:22:37
I drive by the Phoenix Dream Center all the time. I had no idea OUR was partnering with them. So glad to know this! Thank you, OUR, for helping my community! <3
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