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February 7th, 2019

Your donations make a difference

Scarlett never had a childhood. She was brought up in the red light zone in Central America, suffering abuse and sexual exploitation at the hands of gang members. This continued into adulthood, because she was never rescued out of it.

Now she is 40 years old and has had her first taste of real freedom. After meeting one of O.U.R.’s partners in Central America, she began a 3-month course call the Princess Program on how to create her own business, in the hope of opening her own restaurant.

But just as things were looking up, tragedy struck: On the week of her graduation, her 24-year-old son was murdered. She was devastated. And if that wasn’t bad enough, her and her 11-year-old and 3-year-old daughters’ lives were in danger.

Although she was shaken by this experience, she did not let it defeat her. In fact, she still found a way to count her blessings and one of the blessings she counted was all of you.

While attending a special meeting, she stood and thanked her classmates for rallying around and supporting her in her time of need. Then she thanked O.U.R. and the Americans who funded her class.

Princess Program graduation

Without your generous donations she would not have had the opportunity to create a new path for her life, nor would she have met her classmates and benefited from their love and support. Your donations make a huge difference.

What can YOU Do?


McKenzie’s* dream since she was a little girl has been to become a teacher. After traveling to the Mediterranean to work a job that ended up being fake, she was forced to work as a slave. She was able to eventually escape her traffickers – read her full story here.

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  • essaydune

    It’s actually pretty easy cause I’m just collecting donations and spending them on kids. Feel like Santa Claus every day!

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  • Dianne Brown

    It would be wonderful if you could find a Canadian giving arm, so that those of us who live in Canada would be able to help support operation underground railroad but still get a tax receipt to enable us to give further in the future. There are many ways to do this and one of them is:
    I support a group in the United States called roots and wings International ministry in Mazatlan in Mexico. They have a daycare by the dump and their goal is to keep families together by providing outstanding child care and therapy and life skills and training for the parents so that families can stay together in strength, once given the appropriate skills. The miracles they have achieved in the past five years are God’s work every single day. I have sponsored children there for the past five years since they started as well as doing volunteer work with them three months a year. I give money financially to this US charity under the umbrella of the great commission foundation in Canada . This foundation allows people to give their donations for various charities including the ones in the US and be receipted as a Canadian donation. Please check out this option for your amazing organization or perhaps it could be time to now establish a Canadian arm for your group as well. It is certainly worth checking out! God bless you and your incredible work – You have daily been in my prayers since the first time I’ve viewed your powerful video last year. 🙏🏾👏🏿🙏🏾

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