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August 9th, 2018

The Joy One Sticker Can Bring

There are three young survivors we rescued about a year ago that the O.U.R. Aftercare Team was able to visit recently in Latin America. The three children are siblings, a little 2 year old boy, and two older sisters ages 6 and 9.

After all these children have gone through, they have had to grow up very quickly, causing them to miss out on many childhood experiences. The oldest girl had become a mother in a way to her younger sister and brother, as they did not have a stable family environment.

That day during the visit, all the children in the aftercare home were coloring. The aftercare teacher told the children they would receive a sticker for completing their coloring page. The two girls said, “Wait. What’s a sticker?”

A few other girls were surprised by their question and responded, “You don’t know what a sticker is? They are so cool! It’s this piece of paper that’s sticky with a fun design, and you can stick it on things!” Needless to say, it was very endearing to hear these young children explain what a sticker is in their own words! When the two sisters got their very first sticker, they were beyond elated. The little group was excited to see these sisters’ reactions, and happily placed stickers on one other. It was a very sweet moment, witnessing two little girls experience a simple, childhood novelty for their first time.

We are so grateful for our aftercare partners who are helping these strong, young little people learn what it means to be a kid again, one sticker at a time!

We are also thankful to report our partners at Malouf donated 30 mattresses to this aftercare home.



  • Le prêtre Jean-jacques

    I understand what means for those kids to become a child again.
    To get confidence to the people who take care for them, to go to sleep confident, to wake up confident in a new day with surprises to come along. It’s so beautiful to see them smile and laugh again.

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  • Sandra

    Thank God for O.U.R., a group of people who have inspired so many people to give monetarily or of their time to further this organization’s cause to rescue and rehabilitate children who have been sold by evil people and abused by evil people.
    ♥️ O.U.R.
    Ft Worth, TX

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