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May 15th, 2017

Slave Stealer Podcast 12: Slavery Called Me

Slavery today is alive and well. “With the money that human trafficking brings in every year…you could buy every Starbucks franchise in the entire world, and in addition to that you could buy every NBA team, and then still have enough money left over to send every child in the United States to college,” Tim Ballard states.

In Episode 12 of the Slave Stealer podcast, Tim Ballard, Mark Mabry, and Hugh Vail discuss the parallels between historical slavery and modern-day slavery. They also revive the memory of William Wilberforce and his platform. Wilberforce was an influence for good in the late 1700’s as he inspired people to understand the negative effects of slavery.

Because slavery is still rampant today, Tim Ballard calls on you to act:

“We need to shake the foundations like they did in the 19th century…we can do it.” More than 2,000,000 children are enslaved in the sex trade, and more than 5,000,000 children are in slave labor.

Join us in listening to Episode 12, “Slavery Called Me.”

What can YOU Do?


The process of filming the documentary “The Abolitionists” was an amazing one. Listen to Mark Mabry discuss the process of getting the documentary started here.

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