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April 16th, 2018

Recognizing Signs of Trafficking: A Community Member

Children are often trafficked because of their vulnerable situations. However, we believe that there is hope for every child. That is why we fight for them every day.

There is a young six-year-old girl named Morgan* who lives in the Caribbean. One of our aftercare partners took her in after she was found begging on the street for money. This is a form of trafficking where these children are not only sold for sex but forced to beg for money on the streets to tourists and locals.

Morgan was an orphan, which made her extremely vulnerable to trafficking. She also had a lot of problems talking and understanding. She was very behind developmentally because she had never had any form of education.

How was she found?

Morgan spent endless days begging to people on the streets for money. She ended up begging to someone who was able to intervene and get her in contact with the proper authorities. Morgan was placed in one of our partner aftercare homes to begin her path to healing.

Where is she now?

Fortunately, Morgan’s story has a happy ending. After spending three months in the aftercare home before they found a reliable aunt that was able to take care of her. It is the best-case scenario when children are able to be placed in a safe place with a family member.

Her time in the aftercare home was an important step in her healing process. Her casework was done there, she received a new birth certificate, and she was surrounded by many people who truly loved her and took care of her. Our volunteer family, the Johnson’s, helped take care of her and help her feel important and loved. Morgan also received many humanitarian supplies that O.U.R. donated to her aftercare home.

We are incredibly grateful that Morgan was rescued from her vulnerable situation on the streets, taken care of in our partner aftercare home, and placed with her aunt who will give her the care she needs.

We appreciate the generosity of our volunteers. Thanks to your donations and support, we are able to provide hygiene kits and supplies for young girls like Morgan.

*Morgan’s name has been changed for her protection.

What can YOU Do?


Learn how to recognize the signs of trafficking and how to report suspicious activity. Go to ourrescue.org/training to get started on our free “Signs of Trafficking Training Course” today!

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