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With an army of over 50,000 registered O.U.R. Volunteers across the world, we can spread awareness about human trafficking far and wide! We need your help to encourage others to learn about the cause and get involved. Here are 16 easy ways to help your friends and family get involved in this important work to end child sex trafficking! 


Have you applied to become an O.U.R. Volunteer yet? Sign up here to join thousands of others worldwide in the fight to end human trafficking. O.U.R. Volunteers use their unique talents and skills to spread awareness in their communities by holding and attending fundraisers and events.

We have several Volunteer Area Teams in various locations in the U.S.
Click here find the nearest team to you.

2. Ask your friends and family to volunteer with you! 

Serving together is a great way to spend time with your friends and family and spread light in your community. Each O.U.R. Volunteer has unique talents and gifts to contribute to the cause, and we love seeing the fight against human trafficking grow stronger each time a new volunteer signs up.

3. Choose O.U.R. as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile

This is a great resource to share as a free way to contribute to O.U.R.! A portion of each purchase goes to O.U.R. when you shop on Amazon Smile. (available on desktop, and mobile for Android users)

4. Leave your legacy with O.U.R. 

Creating a planned gift is a powerful way to make a lasting impact and legacy with us that won’t cost you anything today.

We hope you will join the many people who have included our organization in their will, trust, or beneficiary designations. Writing a will is one of the most important steps to take, though understandably scary or uncomfortable. But now more than ever, it’s important to protect what matters most to you and have a plan in place.

Get started on protecting what matters most by using this free will-writing tool.

5. Invite others to join our Abolitionist Club

By signing up for a monthly donation, you instantly join our Abolitionist Club and become part of an exclusive group of people fighting modern-day slavery. Abolitionist Club Members receive insider information about Rescue and Aftercare efforts, discounts to our online store, sneak peeks of upcoming campaigns, and so much more: https://bit.ly/3by1co1

6. Find O.U.R. on Linkedin

Did you know O.U.R. is on Linkedin? Receive unique content and stories on our page here. If you are a registered O.U.R Volunteer, you can include that on your profile to help spread awareness! 

7. Watch and share “Operation Toussaint”

If you haven’t seen O.U.R.’s documentary yet, it is free on Amazon Prime! Once you’ve watched it, be sure to leave a review: https://amzn.to/2Sp7Mnd


We have a free, online training for all of our supporters to learn the signs of trafficking and how to report them. It takes under an hour: ourrescue.org/training

9. Use your talents and skills to host a [virtual] fundraiser!

Our supporters have been creative as they raise funds and keep social distancing guidelines! You can start your own fundraiser at https://my.ourrescue.org/fundraisers. See below for some ideas! 

  • Challenge people to watch Operation Toussaint or take our free online training, and then donate $1 afterwards. 
  • Offer free youtube lessons in exchange for donations (art, music, calligraphy, cooking/baking, etc). Make your videos private and send the link to your friends and family. 
  • If you have a fruit tree, drop off free fruit to donors’ doorsteps! 
  • Organize a virtual 5k run

10. Support local O.U.R. Events

Check back at this link https://ourrescue.org/events to support local events in your area. 

11. Purchase a street kit. 

Spread awareness to your friends and family, at an event, or in your neighborhood by purchasing a street kit! Full of stickers, pens, wristbands, and info cards, our kits have everything you need to strengthen the fight against trafficking in your circle of influence. https://my.ourrescue.org/shop/kits

12. Become an O.U.R. Social Media Advocate

Share on your social media channels why you are an abolitionist and encourage others to get involved. Check out our 10 Post Challenge to get started.

13. Hold a birthday fundraiser on Facebook

Our supporters have raised thousands of dollars for O.U.R. through the Facebook fundraising platform. 100% of donated funds go to O.U.R. Click here to get started!  https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/

14. Research your state laws regarding human trafficking. Join your local human trafficking task force if available.

Make a difference in your community by joining your local human trafficking task force, if available. Many task forces have opportunities for community members to get involved. Here is an interactive map to see if your state or area has one and how to contact them to see if there are community opportunities available. If you are interested in what your state laws are regarding human trafficking, use this search tool to learn more. 

15. JOIN students against TRAFFICKING

Our Students Against Trafficking initiative supports students of any grade to spread awareness and support the cause! We offer different ways to get involved and we have many resources to help you every step of the way. Click HERE to get started!

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