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June 13th, 2017


Operation Underground Railroad and Indian Rescue Mission (IRM) conducted a successful rescue operation in Kolhapur, a suburb of Mumbai, India, on May 22nd.

Operators from IRM had been investigating many hotels in a red light district area that were suspected of forcing women to have sex with guests. They received a tip about a specific hotel, so IRM investigators went to confirm this intel and see how much it would cost for each girl per night. On both occasions when they inquired about prices, approximately 8-9 handlers or pimps offered them girls.

The girls were being held at an off-site location at a house and could not leave that location unless ordered. Once ordered and paid for by a customer, the girl would be brought to the hotel.

The IRM investigators contacted Bhagyashree at the Kolhapur Police Department along with prosecutors from the Kolhapur court.

The police were staged around the corner from the hotel as the investigators entered the hotel and asked if they could purchase three girls. Once the investigators agreed to pay, the police raided the hotel. The team then went to the house to rescue the remaining girls and arrest the other traffickers.

Nine traffickers were arrested and jailed. They will be tried in the Kolhapur Court.

After medical examinations, the six survivors were able to begin the recovery process at a local shelter.

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