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November 7th, 2017



IRM (Indian Rescue Mission) received information of a man named Vicky who was running a prostitution business in a Pune City hotelVicky’s wife, Roza, who left him a couple of months ago, passed this information to IRM. Roza left Vicky because the police arrested him several times on human trafficking cases. Although she hoped that he would become a new person after each case, he never changed. He beat her several times, threatening her not to get involved in his business. She then approached IRM with the information about his brothel.

Once the IRM team verified Roza’s information, they discovered Vicky had been supplying girls who were trafficked from another state in India. IRM then contacted Social Service Branch Officer Mr. Sanjay Patil, who arranged his team to conduct a raid.



The strategy: A decoy was sent to the brothel to make a money transaction, paying Rs. 5000 ($75) for one girl. Then the raiding team swooped in the brothel and rescued two girls. While questioning the victims, they verified they were trafficked from another state in India. It was also confirmed that Vicky was running his business online. 

Complaints were registered against the hotel owner, the manager of the brothel, and the main brothel owner who absconded during the raid. In a week’s time, police arrested and produced all before the court. This is the fifth case against Vicky. 


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