September 6th, 2018

OPERATION BOLT: Week-Long Training Leads to Arrest of Man Who Traveled for Sex with a Child

In August, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) brought specialized training to a law enforcement team with no prior experience with proactive online investigations. The course was conducted by two members of O.U.R.’s training team, current child exploitation investigators. This training was funded by a grant from Disney VoluntEARS for law enforcement training in California.

The one-week course taught these officers how to engage with sex offenders online. On the fifth day of training, these officers arrested one adult who traveled three hours for sex with a child. Much to his surprise, he was escorted to the jail instead of a hotel room. The goal of these investigations is for law enforcement to engage the predator before he or she converses with an actual child on these internet websites, apps, and platforms.

The O.U.R. team is proud to share the results of our training team’s hard work as well as the task force’s willingness to learn a new skill in the fight against trafficking and exploitation of children. We are grateful for the funding that allows these impactful law enforcement trainings to take place.

A special thank you to Disney VoluntEARS for their support! This charitable organization made up of Disney employees granted $5,000 to provide specialized trainings for task forces in California in online child exploitation forensic investigation techniques.

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  • Sandra

    Thank you for the great news about the training and for the news of the arrest❣️ I’m a $30/month supporter but every time I get your update I give a little more to O.U.R. I wish I had thousands of dollars to support this great cause (CALLING). 🙏

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  • Yubel K Svensson

    I would like to donate on a monthly basis and learn more about other ways to help?

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