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September 11th, 2018

OPERATION BANGOSREI: Two Sisters Rescued from Malaysia

by Kevin Holst | agapewebsite.org

During the morning of Friday, August 3rd, about 20 miles to the north east of Phnom Penh, officers of the T’bong Khmum Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police Department (AHTJPP), together with AIM SWAT, arrested a man for trafficking two sisters to Malaysia and raping them.

In 2017, the suspect had persuaded the girls’ parents to allow him to take the older sister. He claimed to work for a labor recruitment company and told them that she would earn a lot of money and have a good life in Malaysia. The parents agreed, but they heard nothing from their older daughter until the suspect came to their house again early this year. He managed to persuade them that their daughter was doing well, and he asked them to allow their younger daughter to travel to Malaysia to work with her sister.

In April of this year, the girls’ parents received a phone call from the older sister who told them that both she and her sister had been forcibly confined in the house of the suspect and forced to do domestic chores whilst enduring physical abuse and rape. The two girls had courageously escaped and managed to find a way to call home.

The girls’ parents filed a complaint with the police, and AIM SWAT was called to assist in the raid and recovery of the girls. The suspect has now been charged with human trafficking offenses and remanded to prison to await trial. The youngest daughter has been found and repatriated to Cambodia and is now at AIM Restoration Home receiving care. AIM SWAT has also found the older sister who is in a safe place in Malaysia and is working to help bring her home to Cambodia soon.

{NOTE: This operation was named Bangosrei, which means “sister” in the Khmer (Cambodian) language.}


  • Pam Hull

    I thank God for all of you who work so selfless and tireless to rescue these children from hell!!!!!

    Reply to Pam Hull
  • Liz Purdee

    Great work! That’s two good reports in one week!

    Reply to Liz Purdee
  • Julianna Wehrmeister

    I’m so grateful the sisters are safe from this monster. Death Penalty for traffickers!

    Reply to Julianna Wehrmeister
  • Sandra

    Thank God; two reports of saving our children from evil in one week. Incredible!
    God Bless You❣️

    Reply to Sandra

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