Immediate Aftercare Provided for Boys Trafficked in Africa

When O.U.R. Director of Aftercare, Jessica Mass, was in Africa with our aftercare partners, they received a call from the police – they intercepted a baby boy literally as he was being trafficked. This baby, only three months old, had already been kidnapped and was going to be sold.

Jessica and the aftercare director went straight to the police station. The perpetrators who were taking this baby confessed on the spot and will be prosecuted and judged for what they’ve done through the court system. While the aftercare director filled out paperwork, the baby was put in Jessica’s arms to keep him away from the perpetrators. The baby’s clothes were extremely dirty and soiled. He had a diaper on that hadn’t been changed in at least a week.

After the paperwork was finished, Jessica and the aftercare director walked back to the aftercare home with the baby. They assessed what he needed and set up medical services and testing for the next day. O.U.R. was able to provide this baby boy with aftercare, formula and diapers for a month. Since the rescue, this precious baby has been reunited with his family who he was kidnapped from.

We received an update on another survivor at the same aftercare home in Africa who is doing so well thanks to aftercare services. Because of what was done to his legs, he was told that he would never walk. O.U.R. provided this boy his first walker two years ago. At the time the doctors said he would never walk again.

He had surgery on his legs this year in Australia. Due to this surgery, he is now walking! He is even able to run and play tag. This is the beauty of collaboration. One boy and a team of abolitionists from all over the world contributing to his aftercare.  

These immediate aftercare services are possible because of your generous donations and your dedication to spread the word about the fight against human trafficking. Operation Underground Railroad is so grateful for what you sacrifice to be able to donate, volunteer and help so that together we can empower aftercare homes to give survivors like these a brighter future.

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