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December 29th, 2017

There is HOPE for the Next Generation! 

In an operation a few weeks ago that resulted in the liberation of 15 girls, there is one girl that was rescued from her worst nightmare. The trafficker who had been doing this for a few years had little fear of ever being caught. Without hesitation he recruited a young 14 year old to be part of the group of girls he planned to sell. While all the other girls had been through his horrible abuse of trafficking, this young girl was a virgin. He tricked her to come telling her it was just going to be a fun party and he wanted to provide a beach experience for the girls. At the same time he warned the others that he would cause them physical harm if they said anything to the new girl and what he referred to as “the next generation”.

As they walked up the O.U.R. undercover team could see them in the alley. They saw them stop about 10 feet from the door they were about to enter. At first the team was not sure what caused the sudden delay. Then they saw him grab her by the arm and what we would later find out was the moment he told her what he was going to make her do. The tears ran down the face of this beautiful young girl and you could hear her tell him “no, I won’t do it!” He told her that her options were for him to beat her or for her to go and pretend like she wanted to be there. The other girls gathered around her telling her it wouldn’t be to bad and she would get through it because they knew all to well what it was like when this trafficker caused physical harm to them. She wiped the tears from her eyes, took a deep breath, and started walking to what she describes as her worst nightmare about to come true.

She knew that some of her friends were forced to do this and she hoped she would never be tricked into having someone tell her that her virginity was equal to a dollar sign. Within a few minutes she would forever be set free from this man’s control. The O.U.R. aftercare team was right behind this countries special operations law enforcement and as the traffickers were arrested the girls came with us into a safe room where they knew no one would be able to hurt them. Over the next several hours we sat with all the girls as they told us stories about their families, their hopes, and their dreams. The young 14 year old girl told me her dream was to help other kids by being a school teacher and that she wanted to make sure that kids were protected from these bad guys. This trafficker tried to make this girl ‘the next generation’ that he used for his own financial gain. However, the voice of this young girl said, “yes you have just made me the next generation. It is the generation of HOPE!”

Due to you standing with us, as O.U.R. family, fighting for freedom, her voice will not be silenced! You are standing in the gap for the next generation. Next time you hear someone say, “the next generation” please remember this 14 year old girl that is free from being trafficked and that she wants to be a school teacher, educating the next generation. May healing come to all those who are on their paths of being survivors, and may we stand together in unity to support the captive to be set free.


Jessica Mass

Director of Aftercare

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