November 16th, 2017

High School Lacrosse Team Signs on at CrossFit O.U.R.

Herriman High School Lacrosse Coach Steve Haymond and his team recently signed on with CrossFit O.U.R. in Utah. Coach Haymond had been working with his friend Anna for eight months to find a gym that would fit their needs. After looking into signing on with CrossFit O.U.R., he determined that the gym would be a great fit for his team and would help them towards their goal of becoming a Top 3 lacrosse program in the state of Utah.

Coach Haymond, the team and their parents attended a demo of the gym that included an explanation of O.U.R.’s mission. What caught everyone’s attention was the idea of working out at a gym with a cause. Ethan, who plays defense on the team, said, “The fact that there’s a cause behind this gym is great and makes me want to keep going there to help out.” The team members have enjoyed the O.U.R. CrossFit equipment and trainers so far.


Before working out at this gym, the team hadn’t ever participated in organized workouts. “The atmosphere and challenge excite them,” Haymond said. In order to become a Top 3 team in the state of Utah, the team is required to focus on developing academically, athletically, and personally. “I strongly think attending CrossFit O.U.R. will help them in all three categories… their involvement with a cause like CrossFit O.U.R. will help bring awareness to issue outside of their personal sphere.”


Bryan, who also plays defense on the team, has been playing lacrosse for seven years. After attending the gym demo he said, “I learned what we’re going to do and how it can really help us for both strength and conditioning. I learned about [O.U.R.] and I think it’s awesome I get to go to the gym.”

100% of every CrossFit Membership goes to the rescue and rehabilitation of children affected by trafficking. We are grateful for this lacrosse team’s support as they work hard towards their goal of becoming a Top 3 team in the state. In addition to increasing their athletic abilities, they are also helping rescue children across the world!


What can YOU Do?


Everyone, including sports teams, are always welcome at CrossFit O.U.R. For more information, visit www.crossfitour.com.

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