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A Message from Tim Ballard About Adoption | Children Need Families Foundation

Children Need Families (CNF) is a preventative project of Operation Underground Railroad that is dedicated to finding families for children in need. O.U.R. recognizes that healthy adoptions can be a step in the prevention of child exploitation. While CNF is not an adoption agency, the primary mission of CNF is to assist adoptive families already in the adoption process, by offering financial and emotional support. Children Need Families is a project that aims to create a world where orphanages are empty and homes are filled. 

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Lisa Rogers
2020-07-19 10:13:25
Interested in adopting. We already have 7 children but we are not done! Most adoption agencies we've checked with don't allow you to adopt if you already have children already. I'd love more info on how to go about applying please.
Shelly Conner
2021-04-15 13:55:54
Colombia has a great program and allows for larger families to adopt. You can visit www.madisonadoption.org for more information about Colombia and adopting.
Jodi D Vermaas
2020-07-22 02:11:04
Hi, Lisa, I have 12 children-10 adopted. It depends on the country and agency. The US did not allow me to foster with more than 5 kiddos. The Philippines allows for larger families, as that is standard in their culture. I have found that having children allowed me to be a better parent and also enabled new children to acclimate quickly and well into our family.
2020-07-23 08:33:05
Hello! My dream has always been to adopt children. I have 2 of my own right now and would like to adopt but have no idea where to begin or what to expect. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Shelly Conner
2021-04-15 13:59:17
You will need to decide where you want to adopt from...either US foster care or an international adoption. If you want to adopt internationally, you will have to decide from what country. You can visit madisonadoption.org
Jodi D Vermaas
2020-07-23 11:48:13
Yes for sure. I used several agencies, but one that was very helpful was Hand In Hand Adoptions. In particular, they welcome large families and work together to assist you to compile your dossier to submit to the country of your choice for adoption. If you adopt locally in the US, the department of children and families in your state has free programs to foster / adopt. My website also discusses this journey if it is helpful. www.getmoneydogood.com
Mitzi Fallis
2020-08-06 11:11:03
How can I help with your After Care program? Thank you for your commitment to healing the nations through healing the children. Blessings and Shalom beloved brothers and sisters.
Bonnie Andrews
2020-08-08 18:56:42
How can I get involved with aftercare ?
Jessica Decandia
2020-08-16 07:25:17
I would love more info on helping with aftercare
Claire Pybus-campbell
2020-08-23 09:46:11
How do I find out if there is a local orphanage in my city working with Aftercare? I would like to volunteer, help with local fundraising, etc.
Kristi Woods
2020-10-25 22:18:52
Where do we find out more information about adopting these children who are not able to be reunited with their families? Do we need a full adoption agency, or is a lawyer sufficient. Is there a way to see who is available for adoption? Thanks! Kristi
Shelly Conner
2021-04-15 14:02:27
For United States, you can go to AdoptUSKIds.org. For international adoptions, you can visit Rainbowkids.com for children waiting to be adopted internationally. For either of these choices, you will need an adoption agency to complete your home study and help you navigate if you need to get your foster care license or the Hague adoptions internationally.
Kimberly Hurzeler
2020-12-12 19:49:53
I am interested in doing more with aftercare. I have a degree as a counselor, having worked with foster-care, post adoptive children.
Mikal Merrill
2021-01-08 23:02:20
What can we do to help? We are a young family with kids of our own, but we want to get involved in making a difference. Where do we start?
2021-02-22 02:45:42
Thank you for all your fantastic work. I'd like to learn more about adopting children who need a loving home too. We have just recently moved to Portugal, does your charity work internationally?
Yelena Lumelsky
2021-03-20 21:51:43
Dear O.U.R Team, thank you for what you do. I am very encouraged by all your stories of rescuing kids and of taking care with Aftercare. I live in New York and would love to help working in any healing centers, shearing my care and love with all the kids in need. I would be honored to help. Please let me know on how I can get involved. God bless your Team.
Deborah Gaile Clemence
2021-09-15 15:13:46
I am not in a position to adopt a child, but I have years worth of administrative experience and strong organizational skills. If there is anything along that vein that I can help you with remotely, I would love to volunteer!
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