The Issue

an online safety guide for parents

For many children and teens, their online world is significantly intertwined with their offline world. Making friends, doing homework, being entertained, playing games, and sometimes even going to school. It is a daily and essential part of their lives.

In the online world, there is capacity for a much broader reach than most in-person interactions, a power that can have both positive and negative consequences. There are risks every time someone opens a browser, starts a new chat, or downloads a new game. Online safety is about educating children and teens to help navigate those risks and know when to talk to someone they trust.

Technology is constantly changing,
and children change with it.

New websites, apps, games, and gadgets
offer new opportunities for exploiters to
take advantage.


While settings and content blockers can be helpful, they can’t ensure that children are completely protected online.

The most effective prevention is an educated child.
The best tool for keeping children safe is open, continuous conversation about online safety. It’s up to parents and guardians to start this conversation so kids can navigate the online world safely and responsibly.

Chapter 1:

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