It will take all of us to make a difference and educate our communities on the realities of human trafficking.

Ways to Get Involved

Start a Fundraiser

Launch a campaign and help bring an end to modern-day slavery.

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Give Time

Contribute your talents and skills in meaningful way.

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Host An Event

Host an event or booth in your community to raise awareness.

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Get Educated

Knowledge is power. Sign up to receive an educational email each month that touches on different topics of human trafficking and exploitation

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Students Against Trafficking

Start a club at your high school or university.

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O.U.R.’s Conductor Club invites community members to get involved in awareness and prevention efforts in the fight against human trafficking. We offer resources, educational materials, and online and location-specific groups to build a thriving community of people ready to make an impact.

We believe that awareness and prevention efforts can protect children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


From its inception, O.U.R. has been inspired and informed by the history of the 19th century Underground Railroad. This complex network of houses, routes, and safe harbors was developed by brave Americans who saw the injustice of slavery and would not rest until they saw their fellow Americans freed. The individuals who ran the operations to free slaves were referred to as “conductors”. These conductors were a diverse group of people. Some conductors were freed or escaped slaves. Some came from wealth and other poverty. But they all had one thing in common. They understood their responsibility in the fight against slavery.

Conductors facilitated the escape of slaves, gave them safe harbor on their journey to freedom, provided food and other supplies, made sure freed slaves would have employment after their journeys and so much more. All under threat of arrest and sometimes even losing their own lives.

We recognize the differences between the modern-day slavery of human trafficking and the realities of slavery at the time of the Underground Railroad. But we can take note from the courageous people who saw the injustices of slavery and apply it to the fight in which we are engaged.

The new outreach program from O.U.R., the “Conductor Club” encourages volunteers to emulate the spirit of these brave individuals in the modern-day fight against human-trafficking.

We encourage our volunteers to learn about the history of the Underground Railroad of the 19th century.