Timothy Ballard, Founder of Operation Underground Railroad, and his wife, Katherine Ballard, started the process of adopting two children from Haiti. The parents of seven children, Katherine and Tim knew that two more must join their already 'at capacity' family when Tim met a brother and sister on a trip to Haiti. Months into the adoption process, Katherine felt pulled, impressed, to help more children unite sooner (rather than later) with their adoptive families. She knew first hand, how these waiting children and families were separated not only by distance, but by expenses, government approvals, legal fees, and forms. She and Tim knew very well how tedious the 'wait' was, up to two-plus years for them and others. Emotionally and financially draining for all involved, adopting parents often take a second or third job. Fundraisers, car washes, and yard sales are typically part of the narrative of a family trying to save enough money to bring their children home and complete an adoption. Children Need Families foundation or CNF was created almost overnight, in response to this tremendous need and Katherine's prompting. "What do children need?" was the question raised when this organization was in it’s infancy. The answer: "Children need families."

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Children Need Families (CNF) is passionately dedicated to meeting the most intrinsic need of a child, to have a permanent family and home. CNF works in partnership with adoption agencies, orphanages, and adoptive families, worldwide, offering a grant subsidy to assist with one of the often prohibitive steps of the adoption process, the cost.



What is Children Need Families (CNF)

Children Need Families (CNF), is a foundation started by Katherine Ballard that is a project of O.U.R. To further O.U.R. Aftercare efforts, we work with children who have been trafficked or who are at risk of being trafficked and help place them with families who want to adopt them.The process of adoption can be expensive and time consuming, putting a big strain on loving families who want to welcome new children into their homes. Children Need Families and O.U.R. aim to lighten this burden and give more child survivors the opportunity to receive love and stability.

What is a CNF grant

It is a one-time gift of financial assistance to an applicant who is in the process of adopting or about to begin the adoption process. The applicant must be currently working with a licensed, accredited adoption agency and complete the CNF grant application. As with any grant, application for a grant does not guarantee receipt of a CNF grant. Families are chosen on a case by case basis dependent on many factors, including but not exclusive of financial need. Every application is thoughtfully read and carefully considered.

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